This 1987 Dodge Camper Van Is an Amazing 1980s RV Relic


Dodge camper van review! Today I'm reviewing an old-school relic -- a 1980s Dodge camper van with a bathroom and a kitchen! I'll show you around this van and show you all of its quirks and features, and then I'll get it on the road and drive it and show you what it's like behind the wheel of this cool 1987 Dodge B250 camper van.


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  • Prithissh Mohan
    Prithissh MohanTimme sedan

    I see this I remember of Ben 10😂

  • Chrisacola
    Chrisacola3 timmar sedan

    I had a brown explosion in a Camaro once, but never in a cool van.

  • Medsun Manchester
    Medsun Manchester4 timmar sedan

    Heh, Doug said 'brown explosion'

  • Marat B
    Marat B4 timmar sedan

    Nice review, but why the hangup about brown? Regarding the speed and acceleration, it's a camper, not a family sedan. I guess you are too young to ever have experienced a VW camper. 0-60? Yes, eventually. Probably more like 45-50 at the top of the ramp.

  • Gary Holt
    Gary Holt7 timmar sedan

    That is awesome Van

  • billy The kid
    billy The kid10 timmar sedan

    This guy is very annoyeing

  • Tim Jacques
    Tim Jacques12 timmar sedan

    I always thought that Vans were cool . Like Scooby Doo's M"Mystery Machine " because I watched the cartoon with my brother back in the day. (1960's) (1970's) (1980's) and (1990's) and early (2000's) vans are cool . Because I remember a time before Suv's took over station wagons and mini vans were replaced for good. And I grew up in this era and they are truly time machines that need the be preserved for future generations and to educate about time in the past before them. I remember the van vas and is a family classic to keep and I love that people collect them and fix and rebuild and restore them cool.

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson13 timmar sedan

    I'd never buy a Dodge (or any Chrysler product).

    PIT ROW RACING13 timmar sedan

    I’ve seen a few F-550 camper conversions here and there. I think the biggest difference from the sprinter is that you’re higher off the ground.

  • kyle v
    kyle v16 timmar sedan

    Purple water?

  • foreverfixin
    foreverfixin17 timmar sedan

    I'm pretty sure that home and park was the company that's a very nice van I have a 1982 G25 Vandura done by Skyline low top it does not have a kitchen or a bathroom but it does have running water a sink in an icebox I would love to upgrade to a Roadtrek 210 popular

  • Tim Nelligan
    Tim Nelligan19 timmar sedan

    Shitting in your kitchen? Charming.....

  • Samuel Colt
    Samuel Colt19 timmar sedan

    Mike Tyson couldn't get thru 'em Doug's hands!

  • edwoll77
    edwoll7719 timmar sedan

    Probably a lot of brown explosions in that toilet as well.

  • Grazzer1
    Grazzer121 timme sedan

    Back in the day my dad upgraded from our '71 Dodge Van (blue) to a brand new '77 Plymouth Voyager, which had almost the exact same rear table / bed unit. This van was awesome for camping and long road trips, but driving up the steep mountain roads of W.Va. with countless suitcases and a family of five was definitely challenging for the V8 - but we made it! :-)

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel KennedyDag sedan

    Has that Dometic fridge been altered to look old? I think that model isn't very old.

    MONROEDag sedan

    "No one really wanted them after two, three families slept in them..." Lol Jesus. I don't see him as a big camper.

  • BzzKll2k15
    BzzKll2k15Dag sedan

    Why does doug never mention the Red Jalpa. During the cars and bids bit you'd think the Jalpa was the Hennessy tuned car until he throws the AMG Pic up there

  • Tanner Sharp
    Tanner SharpDag sedan

    This grown man needs to stop wearing shorts and tshirts. For real

  • James Massey
    James MasseyDag sedan


  • Viktor
    ViktorDag sedan

    I can smell the cigarette smell from the carpets through the screen

  • Savage Bean
    Savage BeanDag sedan

    Was that water red 😳

  • Matt Donatello
    Matt DonatelloDag sedan

    Talking about shitting where you eat.

  • BR3W3R
    BR3W3RDag sedan

    Why was the water pink

  • Ryan Jasper
    Ryan JasperDag sedan

    My 95' F350 has the little triangle window. I love it so much. Cant believe nobody does it anymore.

  • Flacko
    FlackoDag sedan

    ur the goat but i hate when ur voice cracks ;C

  • HailAnts
    HailAntsDag sedan

    Was this guy in a coma since the 50s?! He talks about _’having a kitchen in your van’_ like it’s a miracle! Oh! Light switches!! Nearly ten whole minutes before he finally moves past the front seats! The reason those things don’t hold their value isn’t because they rack up high mileage, completely the opposite. 99% of the time they just sit in the driveway. The reason is because low end units like these are of extremely cheap quality. All the interior and RV parts are designed to only last a couple years. Chassis-wise and mechanically these things are usually in great shape because they’re driven so little. And his ‘Doug score’ scale is for more modern _cars_ not RVs, so his rating is essentially meaningless..

  • Jimmy Spin
    Jimmy SpinDag sedan

    Corner window AKA Bee & Bug Shooter... It scoops up insects and funnels them at you... Bee shooter bad!

  • Alec Plasencia
    Alec PlasenciaDag sedan

    Cool rv van and love chrysler products

  • Akali
    Akali2 dagar sedan

    Is that the rustbucket?

  • TruNeighborhoodWatch TNW
    TruNeighborhoodWatch TNW2 dagar sedan

    Should do the Breaking Bad RV

  • Joe Rambo
    Joe Rambo2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one that noticed the water was purple

  • 79tazman
    79tazman2 dagar sedan

    My uncle had a 1980 Dodge van like that we use to go camping in it and the thing was awesome the bed was so comfortable in the summer if I was out at his place and was sleeping over I would sleep in the van because I knew I would get a great sleep in it just open the side windows and the vent in the roof to allow the air to flow through and sleep so great I loved that camper van

  • Boring Channel
    Boring Channel2 dagar sedan

    Is cali water pink?

  • Retired Navy Chief
    Retired Navy Chief2 dagar sedan

    Very sad to see someone who might not have been alive(certainly not an adult) when this RV was made being so critical. I LIVED in RVs most of my life, and this is a very nice one. I won't be subscribing to this channel.

  • Son of Crystal Pepsi
    Son of Crystal Pepsi2 dagar sedan

    I see you didn't spring for the neon "Devil May Cry" sign package.

  • Dan Murphy
    Dan Murphy2 dagar sedan

    the Road Trek Zion models can STILL be made from a Dodge Van (sprinter style, but with Dodge-ness going on). Dodge donor vans with Dodge engine and guages, in any case. My in-laws have one.

  • Starguard !
    Starguard !2 dagar sedan

    The Kitchen was great and all, but why was the water Pink?

  • bradc32
    bradc322 dagar sedan

    the front seats should turn around to sit at the table 4 people playing cards drinkin

  • F3ui Beghardt
    F3ui Beghardt2 dagar sedan

    5:38 I bet a lot of people are also having a brown explosion while watching this.

  • Erik Ankarstav
    Erik Ankarstav2 dagar sedan

    This van has a better kitchen than that 204.5 ft2 apartment I lived in a couple of years ago.

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold Clarke2 dagar sedan

    Pink water…?

  • Wayne Christopher
    Wayne Christopher2 dagar sedan

    Great, nice design having the toilet open up perfectly into the kitchen, so you can infuse your pasta and meatballs with the smells of your poop!!

  • KevinReeder
    KevinReeder2 dagar sedan

    I like the brown trim.

  • Brittain Boswell
    Brittain Boswell2 dagar sedan

    imagine turning this into an overlanding vehicle. How cool would that be? I wouldn't do it to this one, I'd keep it original, but it would be fun to completely redo one. Put nice big tires and shocks, make some skid plates, rebuild or engine swap it, and then strip all the interior and make it modern and nice.

  • xn0
    xn02 dagar sedan

    At 10:34 I almost thought Doug was taking a dump while presenting.

  • illogicL
    illogicL3 dagar sedan

    this genuinely seems really cozy

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe3 dagar sedan

    Cool stuff! Nice van

  • Nathan Stein
    Nathan Stein3 dagar sedan

    I’m actually about to buy a low mile one off of my buddy to go on a road trip across the US

  • Hilde Shaw
    Hilde Shaw3 dagar sedan

    If I can afford something like that I would love to have something like that with a good engine

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh3 dagar sedan

    Always wanted one 😍

  • Soreg
    Soreg3 dagar sedan

    It's actually looks comfy AF. Adorable. I would've drive that even now.

    DO HONKY3 dagar sedan

    I have one! It runs on CNG with a new turbo engine and has a stripper pole for entertainment.

    TERRMINE3 dagar sedan

    Why is the water pink tho?

  • Rafael Félix
    Rafael Félix3 dagar sedan

    If the Griswold's had one of those, the trip to Wally-World wouldn't have been hell

  • Buzzsaw5000
    Buzzsaw50003 dagar sedan

    I'd love to see doug review an actual modern rv.

  • Jorge Serrano
    Jorge Serrano3 dagar sedan

    50 shades of brown.

  • GokuXPoku
    GokuXPoku3 dagar sedan

    I'm genuinely thinking about getting a camper van after high school and just travel as much as I can.

  • Panda MilkShake
    Panda MilkShake3 dagar sedan

    A van where you can take a shit, boil pasta and stare at people outside all at the same time? Damn, I want one.

  • Emeraldeye
    Emeraldeye3 dagar sedan

    next you need a chevy astro luxury edition

  • 675escosmokinright710
    675escosmokinright7103 dagar sedan

    He got that Jay Leno jaw😂🤣🤣

  • 3DPeter
    3DPeter3 dagar sedan

    12:58 Not for a 1000 dollars that i would touch that toilet with my bare hands.

  • JdLee Stirring The Pot!!!
    JdLee Stirring The Pot!!!3 dagar sedan

    i just cant handle this Doug guy

  • swaggerboy740
    swaggerboy7403 dagar sedan

    Well better then those cheap pos jaycos they are now selling

  • No One's Innocent
    No One's Innocent3 dagar sedan

    I saw one if these exact same vans omw home from work last week. Same paint and all 👍

  • Jonathan Kulesa
    Jonathan Kulesa3 dagar sedan

    More reviews on vehicles like this please...

  • taltigolt
    taltigolt3 dagar sedan

    my dad owned a gmc 20 and i grew up with that van we literally drove from sweden to denmark with it to visit lego land slept in it and everything

  • Jesse Shoe Breaker

    Jesse Shoe Breaker

    9 timmar sedan

    I remember I saw you once drive by my home 🏡

  • Osman


    3 dagar sedan


  • naroot chanthachit
    naroot chanthachit3 dagar sedan

    This is one of the coolest vehicles I have seen you review recently. More please...

  • firecloud77
    firecloud773 dagar sedan

    3:22 The conversion company didn't make the van longer. Dodge made them this long.

  • john doe
    john doe3 dagar sedan

    Fun Factor 1? Understandable since its a rating from a dullard that has never used an RV.

  • spaghettibeans
    spaghettibeans3 dagar sedan

    Has he never seen the inside of an RV before??

  • Ron
    Ron3 dagar sedan

    I live in a Class B now. Before I bought mine I looked at one of these. I think the styling is so damn cool. These are so rare in good condition. The one I saw wasn’t nearly as nice. Or brown.

  • Abdelkader Elbachir
    Abdelkader Elbachir3 dagar sedan

    Seems like growing up in the 80's was so much fun

  • ronnie hill
    ronnie hill3 dagar sedan

    And it gets 9 miles per gallon.

  • marcus chai
    marcus chai3 dagar sedan

    Can u cook meth in this tho?

  • Molson 1990
    Molson 19903 dagar sedan

    This van has 500,000 acres of *BROWN*

  • The GH trashman
    The GH trashman3 dagar sedan

    Come in kids for free candy

  • therealsnufkin
    therealsnufkin4 dagar sedan

    Good grief, has this man never seen a camper van ??? 😳

  • Doug Woollard
    Doug Woollard4 dagar sedan

    Odd guy

  • R.Walt61
    R.Walt614 dagar sedan

    That extension on the back was added by Dodge not the aftermarket company. Dodge had 3 van lengths in the day. 109", 127" 127" extended known as the Maxivan or Maxibus. The one you show there is a Maxivan. We had a 78 Dodge Maxivan years ago and my dad was a longtime Chrysler worker.

  • Peagá
    Peagá4 dagar sedan

    Whats the fun factor based on? '1' for this vehicle just seems so wrong.

  • Peagá
    Peagá4 dagar sedan

    This is actually really cool, functional and cozy! id love to have one

  • J Sixx
    J Sixx4 dagar sedan

    We search for trans-con cars that can roll coast to coast. This beats a taller RV that is wind prone. I wonder if it could be “built” to maintain 80MPH?

  • Tesla In the hood
    Tesla In the hood4 dagar sedan

    I can’t remember the movie but this was the secret weapon in the movie From back in the day.

  • Red
    Red 4 dagar sedan

    It just reminds me of the rust bucket.

  • Trip Wall
    Trip Wall4 dagar sedan

    He sounds like Sylvester when he says "this"

  • Jed K
    Jed K4 dagar sedan


  • yard work
    yard work4 dagar sedan

    i sure hope no one under 18 buys this, we all know they’ll get it for their corny personality and ruin it

  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh4 dagar sedan

    The ACRES OF BROWN!!!!!!!

  • bnkwupt
    bnkwupt4 dagar sedan

    The 15 passenger Dodge vans, which this is, came from the factory with that rear body extension, huge seam and all.

  • tmbflyer
    tmbflyer4 dagar sedan

    I’m glad he pointed out the stripes or else I wouldn’t have been able to see them.

  • P G
    P G4 dagar sedan

    I want one!

  • Hans Gustav Solberg
    Hans Gustav Solberg4 dagar sedan

    I'll never understand Doug's score system. A weekend score of 11 out of 50 doesn't sound fair, since weekend fun is exactly what these vehicles are built for. Yes, I know, it's not the same type of fun that Doug is talking about, but still. Then on the other side, a daily score of 29 out of 50 is ridiculous, since these vehicles are basically useless, or at least totally pointless, as daily drivers.

  • Sergio FP
    Sergio FP4 dagar sedan

    Uncle Rico came to mind XD

  • Peter
    Peter4 dagar sedan

    At this time, didn't even have a microwave in my house

  • Kyle Laurent
    Kyle Laurent4 dagar sedan

    Why does he seem so surprised by a camper van?

  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation4 dagar sedan

    The seam in the body work was from the factory, not the coach company.

  • Trucker Nation

    Trucker Nation

    4 dagar sedan

  • Blind Sandwich
    Blind Sandwich4 dagar sedan


  • Illunworth
    Illunworth4 dagar sedan

    Everything in this van is so 1980s it's a literal moving time machine