The Volkswagen XL-1 Is an Insanely Rare $150,000 Efficient Supercar


  • sh ch
    sh ch32 minuter sedan

    Looks like citroen cx whit that back design and break light

  • sh ch
    sh ch33 minuter sedan

    Looks like citroen cx with that back lights and overall back design.

  • isch220
    isch22059 minuter sedan

    Thumbs up to remember Ferdinand Piëch, the "father" of the XL1 and former Mr. Volkswagen

  • Jens Schneider
    Jens SchneiderTimme sedan

    Dude, check your math... 0.9L/100km = 235mpg (not 260, but close enough). Now, if you have a car doing a claimed 260 miles per gallon and stick a claimed 2.5 gallon tank (in reality 2.4) to it, what's the total range again? Right, "250 miles"... Says so without triggering any internal BS alarms, hm...

  • MultiplaFan53
    MultiplaFan536 timmar sedan

    This car's shape looks awfully like a silverfish

  • Sutton Griffin
    Sutton Griffin8 timmar sedan

    I think the passenger seat is fixed due to the screens that display the blind spots? It seems like it would be weird to make it to where the passenger could very easily cover up one of those displays haha.

  • Pablo
    Pablo10 timmar sedan

    Spending that much money to save a few thousand dollars on fuel? We're not all that rich Dougy

  • korn mufins
    korn mufins11 timmar sedan

    Do the Volvo s60 polaster!!

  • Mark
    Mark16 timmar sedan

    Fun car? I can only afford one car.

  • Vok250
    Vok25017 timmar sedan

    $150000 car with crank windows. Lmao.

  • XXSefa
    XXSefa17 timmar sedan

    it looks weird to see that back wheels are covered, its like almost futuristic but look at front they not xD

  • DubSe7en
    DubSe7en19 timmar sedan

    Doug is the type of guy who films the entire clip with The vw badge upsidedown on the wheel

  • Samuel Colt
    Samuel Colt19 timmar sedan

    Mike Tyson couldn't get thru 'em Doug's hands!

  • Larry O
    Larry O19 timmar sedan

    2:40 Car gets 260mpg. Has a 2½ gal. tank and gets 250 miles of range?!?

  • Tclans
    Tclans22 timmar sedan

    These camera mirror setup was meant for the Tesla model S too. Not sure why that feature didn’t make it past the prototype fase.

  • Coffee Games
    Coffee Games23 timmar sedan

    I love how the car shakes while he emotes

  • Coffee Games
    Coffee Games23 timmar sedan

    People who don’t breathe, eminem, logic, daddy doug

  • Outdoor Olli
    Outdoor OlliDag sedan

    Cheat software included? Btw.: This guy could sell me a Tin Lizzy as "The Future"

  • cox mox
    cox moxDag sedan

    Renault Talisman &Co day light style ...verryy original,vw ::)))

  • cicalinarrot
    cicalinarrotDag sedan

    Development for this must have been so expensive they've probably lost a ton of money for every car sold even at that price. It's a shame they've wasted that cool tech and ideas that could have become a much cheaper everyday car with incredible mileage. A cool ultra-Prius from VW could have started a planet-saving trend before Tesla made it cool, maybe. Too bad those idiots chose to cheat emission tests and destroy the brand's reputation.

  • Cornflakes Yognaut
    Cornflakes YognautDag sedan

    Just like 2 seconds to wipe the dirt off your knee my man.

  • Andrew Chikotas
    Andrew ChikotasDag sedan

    I would LS swap it

  • Space Cat
    Space CatDag sedan

    It looks nice. I like it. Give me one, Santa.

  • Tad Ficus Catus
    Tad Ficus CatusDag sedan

    I'll have what Dougs having.

  • Tad Ficus Catus
    Tad Ficus CatusDag sedan


  • Zachary Binkies
    Zachary BinkiesDag sedan

    I’m in absolute love with this car man

  • Yao ting Lin
    Yao ting LinDag sedan

    vw should of made the bluesport even if it only few hundred limited production it would be nice to see doug test drive one

  • stiimuli
    stiimuliDag sedan

    Haven't seen a Doug video in about a year. When did he get so hyper?

  • Nick Roosevelt
    Nick RooseveltDag sedan

    Seems like the fuel tank size, mpg, and range are not consistent...

  • Michael Lawruk
    Michael LawrukDag sedan

    Doug, clean your big shoes before you get in...

  • Pete Beatminister
    Pete Beatminister2 dagar sedan

    I never seen or even heard of it - and I live in Germany. But with this kind of price its not surprising. Also because VW built a super economic car already 20 years ago: the 3litre Polo. That was a proper VW Polo with a small engine, that would use around 3 litres (Diesel I think) for 100km. So not far off the figures of this 100,000 Euro car, for perhaps a fifth of the price. But strangely enough the 3l Polo production was stopped after a few years.

  • Stuart Bear
    Stuart Bear2 dagar sedan

    One problem. If a typical American car were to hit it, you'd be wheeled away in an ambulance.

  • Husnain Lotia
    Husnain Lotia2 dagar sedan

    The passenger seat could be placed astern of the driver's seat's so that the passenger side rear view screen is not obscured by the passenger's knees...?

  • jorge campos
    jorge campos2 dagar sedan

    Very very cheap plastics!

  • Mike
    Mike2 dagar sedan

    Would love to see all-EV with that shape -- similar to the EV-1/Impact. They could free up a lot of room and improve performance over that Olde tech version.

  • Pro Driver
    Pro Driver2 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of demolition man. Must of been really cool driving this.

    KALI PIANA2 dagar sedan

    it looks like the i, robot car............

  • Asakha A. Wolf
    Asakha A. Wolf2 dagar sedan

    0,9l/100km, 9 liters tank, math says it would make 1000km on a tank, and yet, it has less than 500km of range... VW was already lying on its fuel consumption !

    AMCDS2 dagar sedan

    Good news: does 260 miles/gallon Bad news: it costs 150 000 dollars.

  • Roni92pl
    Roni92pl2 dagar sedan

    Thats better fuel economy than scooter. That weights 60kg

  • Aaron Poisson
    Aaron Poisson2 dagar sedan

    I want one! Never heard of this car before today.

  • Trades46
    Trades462 dagar sedan

    Still looks better than the Tesla Cybertruck. Fight me.

  • lnfamous DOC
    lnfamous DOC2 dagar sedan

    The side mirrors could be one of the reason why the passenger seat is offset.

  • Abby
    Abby2 dagar sedan

    I have an '01 VW cabrio. CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!

  • Watchmakuh
    Watchmakuh2 dagar sedan

    There’s a hidden Diesel engine under the tires.

  • Shamrock
    Shamrock2 dagar sedan

    To hear dougs true voice you have to listen to the video at x0.75 speed. You're welcome.

  • Alti-tude
    Alti-tude2 dagar sedan

    I adore this car and I always thought it was hilarious that the infotainment was the exact same one that came with my VW UP! (A very small citycar hatchback). All the options were the same, instant MPG, ThinkBlue trainer, extra gauges if you wanted them like RPM or coolant temperature. The only difference I can see is the Artwork of the vehicle & the hybrid system screen. A little trivia is that you can unmount the Garmin screen and take it with you just like a radio facia from back in the day. Also, it has the most horrendous touchscreen for entering information imaginable, the thing should come with a stylus and I'm not even joking.

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum3 dagar sedan

    I know in every super mini sized super car Doug is uncomfortable because he tall look

  • Bil Cezzna
    Bil Cezzna3 dagar sedan

    Wish AMERICA had these

  • R_U_Game19
    R_U_Game193 dagar sedan

    You cant see whats behind you wow welcome to the world of a truck driver.

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene Woods3 dagar sedan

    The scary william subcellularly rescue because creditor luckily miss amongst a optimal friday. tenuous, animated flight

  • Dr TJ
    Dr TJ3 dagar sedan

    Here in India, we have Maruti Suzuki XL6 Mild Hybrid 🤣🤣

  • MP498
    MP4983 dagar sedan

    It isn't a supercar.

  • shaikh sadique
    shaikh sadique3 dagar sedan

    Interior is garbage

  • Folt Airguns
    Folt Airguns3 dagar sedan

    Robert Q. Riley’s company XR3 is closest thing in the states I know you can get to the WV XL1. I would like to see a review on one of those someday.

  • Christopher Germany
    Christopher Germany3 dagar sedan

    260 mpg, two gallon tank only gets 250 miles???? If it gets 260 miles per gallon, shouldn’t that two gallon tank get you about 520 miles???

  • NameIsKade
    NameIsKade3 dagar sedan

    it goes 260 miles in one gallon, but has 2 gallons. how does it only go 250 with 2 gallons if it goes 260 in one?

  • Suctess


    19 timmar sedan

    It has a hybrid drivetrain, advertised fuel efficiency was achieved with fully charged battery during the 80 km / 50 mile test cycle. Range is advertised as 550 km / 340 miles.

  • Emmanuel Guzman
    Emmanuel Guzman3 dagar sedan

    This looks like a bar of soap. Pass.

  • Muscleduck
    Muscleduck3 dagar sedan

    I've always loved the design of this car. It's been years since I've seen one (on photo or video) but I still love it. Especially the back. Every line on this car is where it is supposed to be, and even the don't of the logo is beautiful.

  • EchoRhythm.TV
    EchoRhythm.TV3 dagar sedan

    This car is obviously a novelty because who would actually buy one

  • Tritone Freeze
    Tritone Freeze3 dagar sedan

    Doug… where’s the Autozam? 😯

  • RelakS
    RelakS3 dagar sedan

    The car is interesting, as others said, it would be nice to have as a full electric vehicle. But Doug, please, ask Google Translate to pronounce Volkswagen with German settings :D (hint: it starts with an "f" sound instead of "v", the rest is good)

  • ludmil metodiev
    ludmil metodiev3 dagar sedan

    I think today my son become the youngest person to watch your channel with interest at 2.5 months of age :)

  • DaDDyB0Ne
    DaDDyB0Ne3 dagar sedan

    okay okay, first off speed tail windows

  • Earl Styles
    Earl Styles3 dagar sedan

    Your hand movements are a big distraction! My opinion

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe3 dagar sedan

    Dear god its fugly...

  • bestplayeroftheworld
    bestplayeroftheworld3 dagar sedan

    0.9 L / 100 km ... 9 L fuel tank ... 402 km range ... something is wrong about this math ! ;-)

  • MarcusTheGamer
    MarcusTheGamer3 dagar sedan

    "Ere condition" lol

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui3 dagar sedan

    90s scifi told me we should all be driving cars that look like this by now.

  • NameIsKade


    3 dagar sedan

    stolen comment

  • D S
    D S3 dagar sedan

    VW is a scam

  • BeamishLotus726
    BeamishLotus7264 dagar sedan

    I think that just keeping the engine and making the car non hybrid would still be good and much more reliable

  • Doghouse Riley
    Doghouse Riley4 dagar sedan

    I guess the move from diesel to electric was hastened by Volkswagen and others lying and getting caught about their diesel emmissions. Just a guess.........................................

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    3 dagar sedan

    i hate the look of it, but the way it works is so very cool, so i love it.

  • wwlb
    wwlb4 dagar sedan


  • andres cortez
    andres cortez4 dagar sedan

    Buy a Prius.

  • Bradley Horner
    Bradley Horner4 dagar sedan

    Looks like Doug's host is really trying to sell that old green car...

  • BasicPlanet
    BasicPlanet4 dagar sedan

    Hmm... a lot of cabron fibre, you can not see anything in the back, middle engine, 2 seater.... its an VW XL1 Lamborghini edition.

  • RickReviews
    RickReviews4 dagar sedan

    mid nighties ford taurus had decent horn sound - new fusion just as wimpy as this xl1

  • Angelo Salvia
    Angelo Salvia4 dagar sedan

    I saw this car last week in a dealership it's sad that they didn't make more of them

  • -FishingRod-
    -FishingRod-4 dagar sedan

    Shit is hideous

  • -FishingRod-


    2 dagar sedan

    @Hi i like guitars goodbye That shit is so ugly I’d rather drive an i8 if I wanted an electric supercar

  • Hi i like guitars goodbye

    Hi i like guitars goodbye

    4 dagar sedan

    Said no sane human ever.

  • Justin H
    Justin H4 dagar sedan

    Ahh that would be a nightmare for any mechanic to work on. Bit it looks damn cool

  • Ave atque vale
    Ave atque vale4 dagar sedan

    If cars were Pokemon, this car would be the Prius's last evolution.



    3 dagar sedan




    3 dagar sedan

    That was a good lne

  • No-Name
    No-Name4 dagar sedan

    Review that big monster truck behind you at 0:24

  • AD Dtyu
    AD Dtyu4 dagar sedan

    If only it wasn't a volkswagon.... it'd probably run.

  • Nico Brouwer
    Nico Brouwer4 dagar sedan

    Gets 260mpg “practically is okay... 3/10” 😂

  • Nico Brouwer

    Nico Brouwer

    3 dagar sedan

    @זה סודי joke

  • זה סודי

    זה סודי

    3 dagar sedan

    Practically also includes the amount of seats, cargo space, helpful features...

  • Jaxon JAXOFF
    Jaxon JAXOFF4 dagar sedan

    Wait this is vw deisel that gets 240 mpg? Sussy

  • Meticulous
    Meticulous4 dagar sedan

    i hate the look of it, but the way it works is so very cool, so i love it.

  • Seedless
    Seedless4 dagar sedan

    put the wheel cover thats on the back onto the front and add a future license plate and you've got a bttf car from 2015

  • Mummy Napkin
    Mummy Napkin4 dagar sedan

    I've actually seen one of those on a random road in Bavaria, Germany. Everyone in our car was just like "what the hell is this"

  • TakeCareNow, ByeByeThen
    TakeCareNow, ByeByeThen4 dagar sedan

    This guy reminds me of Quentin Tarantino for some reason.

  • 高橋良江
    高橋良江4 dagar sedan

    The combative employee meteorologically protect because medicine intraorally admit than a nondescript rule. possessive, uttermost japanese

  • David Salour
    David Salour4 dagar sedan

    Bro wear a knee cap

  • NNapples
    NNapples4 dagar sedan

    doug score..jesus

    CRASH TEST4 dagar sedan

    Mirror mounted blinkers. The only German car industry innovation.

  • Sarah Bentague
    Sarah Bentague4 dagar sedan

    Me litteraly walking past it each day in work where its handled like shit and never driven :/

  • LoneWolf_RO
    LoneWolf_RO4 dagar sedan

    bro that is not a supercar....that's a joke

  • C J
    C J4 dagar sedan

    I saw a car like this on the road in Nashville and wonder if it's the same one. It was headed south on I 65 toward Brentwood, where I live. I wanted to take pictures of it but didn't think I could do it safely due to the differing speeds on the interstate, and it was going usually slow. This was I guess about 2 months ago.

  • chbergstrom
    chbergstrom4 dagar sedan

    I can only imagine Shaquille O’Neal and the rock going for a drive in this :D New idea for a show maybe?

  • ImSkyler ✓
    ImSkyler ✓4 dagar sedan

    designed by the smartest 2 year olds

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty4 dagar sedan

    Nothing else production has come close.

  • Motorypse
    Motorypse4 dagar sedan

    Good to see the Fiat Multipla in that museum among the strangest cars of all time.