The Suzuki Jimny Is the Affordable Off-Roader America Needs


2020 Suzuki Jimny review! The Suzuki Jimny is an affordable off-roader sold in other markets -- but not the United States. Today I'm reviewing the Suzuki Jimny, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the wonderfully quirky Jimny. I'm also going drive the 2020 Jimny and show you what it's like on the road.



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  • NorCalSaint
    NorCalSaint20 minuter sedan

    Most interior options matched or exceeded my 2018 Wrangler Golden Eagle so not sure I agree that you can't get a basic Wrangler. While a cool design, not sure I would give up the added power and capabilities of my Wrangler

  • Ryan Mosey
    Ryan Mosey25 minuter sedan

    You don’t talk with your hands enough. Also you are not animated enough

  • Zoltan Jarmy
    Zoltan Jarmy3 timmar sedan

    Those blank switches next to the parking break are for the seat heaters, according to the owner's manual. Probably this reviewed model doesn't have seat heater feature.

  • Arifullah Amanullah
    Arifullah Amanullah5 timmar sedan

    Suzuki cars are not safe

  • Taylor Fenoglio
    Taylor Fenoglio7 timmar sedan

    It's what the jeep renegade should have been

  • Phantom Aspect
    Phantom Aspect8 timmar sedan

    One of the few cars released these days with a soul, nice and simple, a great callback to the cars of the 80's and 90's. If brands like BMW took a page out of this book and made a 80's, 90's callback to the 3 series without all the electronic crap at an affordable price and focused on drivers it'd be a smash hit. We can only hope though 😢

  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz8 timmar sedan

    Usually you get the cool things in the USA. Nice to see that you can get this cool Suzuki in Mexico

  • Mike Capinpuyan
    Mike Capinpuyan10 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one smiling through out the whole video? Love the JIMNY!

  • Gee Em
    Gee Em11 timmar sedan


  • superlauch25
    superlauch2516 timmar sedan

    I would actually buy this

  • Kenny Rider
    Kenny Rider16 timmar sedan

    It's the Samurai and they won't bring them to America again because of the litigation from the high rollovers we had with the Samurai.

  • 휸두 HyunDu
    휸두 HyunDu16 timmar sedan

    Japan winning

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield17 timmar sedan

    Too good for Yanks

  • FoghornLeghorn
    FoghornLeghorn19 timmar sedan

    How much??

  • Tea And Medals
    Tea And Medals19 timmar sedan

    Never knew there was an Automatic version of this fantastic vehicle.

  • Scott Nelson
    Scott Nelson20 timmar sedan

    It looks like if a Wrangler and a FJ had baby, this what would come out. lol

  • Ron Bernard
    Ron Bernard20 timmar sedan

    love it ,please suzuki sell it here

  • They Live
    They Live20 timmar sedan

    who the hell is spending $20k on this???

  • SunKissedMelanin
    SunKissedMelanin21 timme sedan

    $20,000 is a bit too much for how many corners they cut tbh. Maybe closer to $15,000-$17,000 is a better price.

  • Elie Finer
    Elie Finer23 timmar sedan

    Review the Lada Niva doug

  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeatsDag sedan

    yes we need this in the USA... jeep needs some competition (particularly competition that actually is capable) jeep has spent the past 20 years transforming into barbie jeeps. Curious... can a man buy a vehicle in mexico and bring it back to the USA/ asking for a friend. They should make it a few inches longer and brand it as a Samurai in the USA. 15:20 My Datsun 720: "am I joke to you?"

  • Devan C
    Devan CDag sedan

    If u say simplicity one more time I’m gonna kns

  • PK
    PKDag sedan

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NO!!!!!!!

  • G H
    G HDag sedan

    Is there anyway you can bring it to America?

  • Alfonso Adame
    Alfonso AdameDag sedan

    Jimny tiny

  • Omar T
    Omar TDag sedan

    Omg I’d buy this now. And I have a 2006 Suzuki Aerio AWD 4 door sedan! Suzuki come back to the USA!

  • Grumpy cat !
    Grumpy cat !Dag sedan

    Jeep lobbyists don’t want the Jimney in the States.

  • shawn Lisi
    shawn LisiDag sedan

    I hope they did a better job than they did back in late 80's and early 90's those where so cheap but could roll so easy

  • Chief Enumclaw
    Chief EnumclawDag sedan

    Shut up & take my MONEY! Off every car Doug has ever reviewed, I want this one the most. That Land Rover conversion kit mod is absolutely gorgeous!

  • hansoh01
    hansoh01Dag sedan

    I would buy this in a heart beat ,too bad there isnt a Diesel option.

  • Kenny Rider

    Kenny Rider

    16 timmar sedan

    You want the Mahindra Roxor. Make it street legal through dirt legal.

  • ki5ngau
    ki5ngauDag sedan

    Shut up and give me one already

  • Nomad Trails
    Nomad TrailsDag sedan

    The only thing you got wrong was saying that previous Jimny's weren't special. The previous generation literally had a 20 year production run and sold 300 million around the world. And the core design of this car is very very nearly _the same_ as that. Full disclosure, I live in Japan and just bought a 2009 Jimny :)

  • Brian White
    Brian White2 dagar sedan

    that radio touch screen trash ruins that car

  • Matthew Nagle
    Matthew Nagle2 dagar sedan

    That's awesome I want a new vehicle but hate all of the new features I don't care about. I'd bet even if they did sell these in America they would go for way more than msrp and be very hard to get anyway.

  • Rick Feng
    Rick Feng2 dagar sedan Why Suzuki doesn't and won't sell it to us.

  • BookAchu57
    BookAchu572 dagar sedan

    I hate how much I want this darn thing.

  • Randy Stokk
    Randy Stokk2 dagar sedan

    We used to. It was called the samurai in the US

  • Christian O. Holz
    Christian O. Holz2 dagar sedan

    The door handles are of that old school design which are really crappy especially for a off road car (a hair dresser's off road car :)) no navigation is also a bit silly in 2021 even in a budget car. It's also a bit telling that the engine doesn't meet emission standards for passenger cares in Europe. Suzuki dropped the ball on this one. Kind of sad since the exterior looks decent

  • Jodii Capo
    Jodii Capo2 dagar sedan

    I need asa0

  • Nonameguzzi
    Nonameguzzi2 dagar sedan

    I woud like to have a few more Extras..... an good Sound System woud be Nice even if it woud cost 1000 Bucks More.... Than i woud like an Automatic Rear Mirror, Automatic Windshield Washer Speed, an Andoid Auto / Apple Car Intigration.

  • V
    V2 dagar sedan

    Toyota USA should offer this vehicle as another product in their current partnership.

  • John Allen
    John Allen2 dagar sedan

    Idea: Split the hummer EV off from GMC as it's own brand again, sell the Jimny as a tiny, tiny hummer. Now hummer is the new Geo. It's a great idea, trust me.

  • John Harrington
    John Harrington2 dagar sedan

    The way the body rolls when Doug moves does not inspire confidence. Does it shake at 70?



    2 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure doug is just big and the car is small. Our 2011 mitsubishi outlander shakes the same way... not the best comparison since i think the outlander suspension sucks. Had to fix it some weeks ago when the springs started bottoming out

  • g0ttequila
    g0ttequila2 dagar sedan

    wouldve bought one here in belgium, if it wasnt for the sad, sad engine. i bought a blazer instead

  • B Hammack
    B Hammack3 dagar sedan

    I don't think Doug has ever sat in a Jeep JK...

  • Yan Rami
    Yan Rami3 dagar sedan

    Good fun Doug, but NO mention of reliability of the Suzuki brand. In Europe a lot of people love the brand because it is synonymous with reliability. And stripping this car of gimmicks and keeping simple mechanical locks hand brakes and such things is partly about reliability, and what makes the car so attractive. It's not just a money thing, and you missed out on that.

  • Ke Ricoo
    Ke Ricoo3 dagar sedan

    i drove this in Bolivia city and off road. really fun car good for that type of country where the roads are often dirt or really bad. fun car anyways

  • John & Mary Stewart
    John & Mary Stewart3 dagar sedan

    My dad had a mid eights geo tracker 2 door hard top and this feels like a newer version of that.

  • Bill B
    Bill B3 dagar sedan

    One of the problems with Suzuki in the US is they way under power the vehicles, assuming US consumers will just be ok with them. The Samurai was horribly under powered. It was a simplistic vehicle that would have done far better with a bit more power to enable it to do highway speeds uphill with the ability to maintain speed without downshifting even on the slightest of slopes. It was a fun thing to drive, but the exhaust was tiny because it pumped little more air than a tire pump. Suzuki should have learned from that early experience and given another 20-30 hp to US vehicles and they probably would have found many more consumers who grew fond of their offerings. Americans love low prices, but not at the expense of getting the job done safely. The Beetle suffered the same death as the 70s left its underpowered and lack of better safety features behind.

  • T¡nfo¡l Hat
    T¡nfo¡l Hat4 dagar sedan

    it looks great. modern samurai

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix4 dagar sedan

    @0:51 That is almost MSRP. :) @22:08 That's why a manual is due. It even has the benefit from stopping millenials from stealing your car. ;) @23:09 There aren't many options available as far as I can tell but mostly cosmetical. Important options are IMHO skid plates for the diffs.

  • Corey Brass
    Corey Brass4 dagar sedan

    I just watched your 98 Geo Metro video...and everything you LOVE about this Jimny you HATED about the Metro. WTF!!! Geo Metro...everything you need nothing you don't.

  • Neal Moss
    Neal Moss4 dagar sedan

    Suzuki should not have been ousted from USA sales by other manufacturers using consumer reports. Good read if you can find the article

  • Demonized SniperMaster636
    Demonized SniperMaster6364 dagar sedan

    @Doug DeMuro you act like a crackhead, please stop its annoying

  • Theodore Seeber
    Theodore Seeber4 dagar sedan

    Looks like a Sidekick with a fancy new name. Does it also do summersaults?

  • TheKentuckian00
    TheKentuckian004 dagar sedan

    Maybe it’s because I’m the typical overweight American but this vehicle gives me claustrophobia. The back seats are bad enough but the drivers seats looks like something I would never want to take off-roading. Very informal video but it feels like you’re trying to sell me a lime green box turd. I’ll stick with my Polaris RZR.

  • Socky Noob
    Socky Noob4 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately America is obsessed with luxury cars and consumerism and overly large cars, so no doubt this thing would probably fail somehow.

  • Mike Owens
    Mike Owens4 dagar sedan

    Is it electric? No? Then no, we don't.

  • 2112 Bangkok
    2112 Bangkok4 dagar sedan

    If you didn't support their model lineup years ago, why would they reenter the market?

  • Paul Machowski
    Paul Machowski4 dagar sedan

    Looks better than the Bronco.

  • Joe Smoe
    Joe Smoe4 dagar sedan

    Simplicity yes whatever happened to it???? Not everyone wants all that unnecessary shit.

  • Federico Commisso
    Federico Commisso4 dagar sedan

    If wondering why it's not sold in the US: Previously in the US you could buy a Jimny. Although it took on the name of the Suzuki Samurai. In the mid-'80s the Samurai's began making a name for themselves, and people loved it. With body-on-frame construction, solid axles all around, and a 2-speed all-wheel-drive transfer case, it had all the ideal things needed for a great time off-roading. However, after a report review in 1988, it was mentioned that there was massive rollover risk for the Samurai. After this, sales dropped significantly. The impact this had on Suzuki North America was soo great that they would never come back from it. Suzuki was even fighting a lawsuit that was only settled and dropped in 2010. Three years after this, Suzuki decided to cut their losses and leave the North American market completely. Also they predict the cost of bringing the Jimny to the US is at around a staggering $275 million. This takes into account the costs of marketing, building dealerships, employing staff, and customer service. This would mean that the 2021 Suzuki Jimny would carry a significantly higher price tag in order for it to cover the cost of the import tax on bringing vehicles to the United States and also the cost of staff, dealerships, etc. Suzuki may not do well against home-bred competitors such as the Jeep Wrangler.

  • clayton simper
    clayton simper4 dagar sedan

    looks like they're orderable now. how the F is the base model 29 grand?

  • John Miller
    John Miller5 dagar sedan

    Everything you need nothing you don't

  • onyl roque
    onyl roque5 dagar sedan

    Tiene muchas cosas del Suzuki samurai de los 90

  • Kenny Wideen
    Kenny Wideen5 dagar sedan

    I’ve had a bunch of Suzuki’s it’s really one of my favorite cars, amazing engines

  • Sir Edith
    Sir Edith5 dagar sedan

    I like that you include metric conversions!

  • O. Bottechia
    O. Bottechia5 dagar sedan

    Suzuki is super reliable...those little Samurais were bulletproof!

  • John Westerh
    John Westerh5 dagar sedan

    Put a Suzuki dealer across the street from Jeep or Ford. People will go to Jeep, Ford, than cross the street and sell out the Jimneys

  • Lars Doornkamp
    Lars Doornkamp5 dagar sedan

    I want one now

  • Nathan
    Nathan5 dagar sedan

    I want one! I miss my '97 Geo Tracker. There are SO many similarities, even the dip in the front of the door sill.

  • ctre97
    ctre975 dagar sedan

    I would 100% buy this, especially with a 5 or 6 speed manual

  • Puja Bestara
    Puja Bestara6 dagar sedan

    Here in Indonesia, i should save almost 30 years to buy this one.

  • Klaus Schumacher
    Klaus Schumacher6 dagar sedan

    Still too many stuff you don't need.... Suzuki offer a Jimny in Australia without any gadgets. Steel wheels no Aluminum no touch screen etc. That's what a off roader should be. But there will be a 5 door Jimmy coming what is a little bigger.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow6 dagar sedan

    Take two of those over the New Bronco

  • wence peraza
    wence peraza6 dagar sedan

    Why you move your hands so much?? That's look weird

  • James Bruce
    James Bruce6 dagar sedan

    If that 4 cyliner is anything like the the K5 GSXR 1000 engine, it will be bullet proof.

  • Ian Garcia
    Ian Garcia6 dagar sedan

    I’d buy the fuck outta this.

  • Sean Coxe
    Sean Coxe6 dagar sedan

    Pretty much a new generation Samurai. As a former Samurai owner, I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE!

  • Nelly


    3 dagar sedan

    Hey! Your right.👍

  • k w
    k w6 dagar sedan

    This would thrive in the US

  • GiacoC
    GiacoC7 dagar sedan

    This car is so cute and practical in functionality. In my country I can buy it....BUT. Only drawback it has: backseats and no cargo room killed it for me. It would be perfect weekend car for awesome trips. But I need to load 4 people and their sheeet.....not only 2 people and rest of family lugage. But if you live outside the city alone or don't have friends. This car is perfect :D

  • lilmoris1
    lilmoris17 dagar sedan

    I’m from México and I am able to import them to the US in case someone wants one, since the company I work in does logistics and Import-Exports world wide. The Jimny can be imported to the US if I’m not wrong, plus I'm also from the border. Honestly these are selling like crazy here in México!

  • lilmoris1


    8 timmar sedan

    @Toby Chang We do import-export globally, I’m not sure about the pricings in Canada, but I could check? What’s your email? I’ll send you all the info I can get from my boss tomorrow if you want. I was planning on putting my Instagram here so people see I'm not a troll comment or a scam but I also don’t want trolls raiding my personal social media lol

  • Toby Chang

    Toby Chang

    9 timmar sedan

    Are they able to be imported to Canada?

  • Freedom Forall American
    Freedom Forall American7 dagar sedan

    I'd buy this right now I'd buy 2of theme

  • Siddh R
    Siddh R7 dagar sedan

    Thanks for this review!

  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller7 dagar sedan

    I'd love one.

  • Igor
    Igor7 dagar sedan

    Two non existing buttons in the middle are for the seat heating.

  • Matt Smiley
    Matt Smiley7 dagar sedan

    I hate when people put plastic cladding on cars. I hate it even more when they do it to make it look like other cars. But, that said, the Jimny Defender is EPIC.

  • Rapscallion2009
    Rapscallion20097 dagar sedan

    Makes me want to spit. The Jimny is no longer available in the UK because....emissions regulations... Yep... It's far too emissiony. Apparently. Oh, but you can buy all the 70k 5.0 diesel SUVs you like. Just not 20k 1.5l models at all. Because... No reason.

  • Tim Russell
    Tim Russell7 dagar sedan

    Get your hands under control, waving your hands all over the place while your talking distracts from your message. Not to mention it quite annoying.

  • Kenroy Bartley
    Kenroy Bartley7 dagar sedan

    This guy have me catching my own breath.

  • Gryphon
    Gryphon7 dagar sedan

    Manual night/day toggle on the rear view mirror too. Great little SUV.

  • H Phillips
    H Phillips7 dagar sedan

    I would like to see a Toyota version of this vehicle

  • Robby Horse
    Robby Horse8 dagar sedan

    Just his animated hand movements while talking rocks that whole car back and forth, Suspension?

  • Kayla Theil

    Kayla Theil

    6 dagar sedan

    The Jimny must look hilarious in Italy, every time you see one it's violently rocking side to side XD

  • Stefan Hansen
    Stefan Hansen8 dagar sedan

    Your excitement is contagious. However, it's an off-roader so giving it an evaluation driving around in the city makes little sense to me.

  • Paolo Rodríguez
    Paolo Rodríguez8 dagar sedan

    i would get it with manual .. I think automatic transmission will be more of drawback than anything else.. On this particular car

  • Dominykas Stankevičius

    Dominykas Stankevičius

    6 dagar sedan

    Manual transmissions are very good. However, these transmissions are a dying breed. Most vehicle manufacturers have to comply with the emission regulations, so they are introducing electric and hybrid vehicles to the market. Sooner or later most of petrol/diesel engines will be gone. I bought myself a petrol-powered car in mid 2020s, now I regret this since after 5 or so years that car will be worth $0, since You won't be allowed to sell it as a used car due to it being a petrol powered vehicle. So, even though manual transmissions are best transmissions, it is not recommended to buy a vehicle with it since it will depreciate in price quite quickly.

  • Paolo Rodríguez
    Paolo Rodríguez8 dagar sedan

    it is like a bonsai of a G-wagon ... ohhh I left this comment before watching the end of the video , I now know it's an actual thing LOL !!

  • Brandon Reeder
    Brandon Reeder8 dagar sedan

    Partner with Ford and call it the Bronco mini

  • Osh Ros
    Osh Ros8 dagar sedan

    @Doug DeMuro buy some V-neck undershirts my guy, get fashion.

  • Johany Botero
    Johany Botero8 dagar sedan

    got it... move to Europe or Mexico

  • Jeff Grey
    Jeff Grey8 dagar sedan

    I sell top end inverter hvac systems for 20k