The Laforza Is an Ultra-Quirky Luxury SUV Failure


  • Nabeel Shaikh
    Nabeel Shaikh2 timmar sedan

    Who else skips doug's driving part

  • raker0
    raker02 timmar sedan

    it's an oversized Fiat Panda!

  • Nabeel Shaikh
    Nabeel Shaikh2 timmar sedan

    Landstalker - GTA SAN ANDREAS

  • B C
    B C6 timmar sedan

    Doug's next video: I bought a Laforsa, and here's why.

  • DJ SHaKa
    DJ SHaKa8 timmar sedan

    Is it 4 wheel independant suspension or does it have a rear axle? Seems like the left side rear is offset a bit which would indicate a mis-aligned rear axle.

  • Jon Vancil
    Jon Vancil10 timmar sedan

    It looks like the car the family on the kids show Bluey drive.

  • Mark Bielaga
    Mark Bielaga11 timmar sedan

    La FORD za. Ford 302.. Ford AOD transmission. I noticed a Ford master cylinder. Off the shelf Ford stuff of the time was decently reliable.

    HUGO WIILKAS14 timmar sedan

    Camioneta horrible

    SUPRAMIKE15 timmar sedan

    It's like a range rover poorly translated over the phone in Italian.

  • Mehul Korpe
    Mehul Korpe18 timmar sedan

    Little did we knew, its the car from doug's logo...

  • Mike S.
    Mike S.19 timmar sedan

    L - LAFORZA - L

  • J D
    J D19 timmar sedan

    The automatic shifter and gate/surround is almost exactly as my Mom's '84 Ford Tempo's was. Maybe that's why I disliked these things from the beginning. Cool to see it now for a few minutes, though.

  • Matthew
    MatthewDag sedan

    18:55 "also managed to stand out from anything else on the road" Car: *Looks like a large Lada Niva*

  • Ram Shaar
    Ram ShaarDag sedan

    I love this car

    MONROEDag sedan

    It looks like a Renault and land rover from the same era had a child.

  • nicolas armas
    nicolas armasDag sedan

    Hi Doug, from argentina. The back off that truck Is exact as the back of the Fiat uno of the 90's. Look for it in SEblacks. The back lights are the same. Cheers!

  • nicolas armas

    nicolas armas

    Dag sedan

    Basicaly Is a Fiat duna weekend with tall tires.

  • nicolas armas

    nicolas armas

    Dag sedan

  • nicolas armas

    nicolas armas

    Dag sedan

    Or can be the Fiat duna weekend to

  • enterBJ40
    enterBJ40Dag sedan

    This vehicle share the generic look in the gauges of the Monteverdi. Outside, the Monteverdi looks a bit better executed. Back then, Popular Mechanic made a coverage of this vehicle appraising the vehicle but I was astonished by the huge gap between panels and how the front lights didn't seem to fit well and undersize for such big 4x4. Even a Yugo have less gap in their panels than this car.

  • Alfonso Adame
    Alfonso AdameDag sedan

    LaForza may with you

  • tiktok slav version
    tiktok slav versionDag sedan

    I think Doug's hands drank too many coffee and energy drinks

  • Jason Smith
    Jason SmithDag sedan

    When will you review the old Range Rover you’re comparing this to?

  • 3 -24
    3 -24Dag sedan

    Lights are the reason why this car didn't get so much success

  • 3 -24
    3 -24Dag sedan

    Italians focus on interior so much

  • Riceman DogNaught
    Riceman DogNaughtDag sedan

    Tailgate button similar to 90s Ford focuses lol no other way of opening

  • José De Albuquerque Jr.
    José De Albuquerque Jr.Dag sedan

    The rear lights and side mirrors are from Fiat Uno from the same era

  • Edgar T
    Edgar TDag sedan

    Don’t you pronounce gauge “gauge”

  • Zesty
    ZestyDag sedan

    This looks like a grown up Peugeot Rallye.

  • Boomslang
    BoomslangDag sedan

    I love cars like this. Coachbuilder body. Powertrain from a respected auto manufacturer. Parts bin switchgear and other componentry. Premium radio and other electronics. Cover it all with wood vaneers, leather and premium carpets. I wish this was still common practice.

  • videodrom1
    videodrom12 dagar sedan

    Thiss - looks like a big ass Yugo.

  • Raffa Lello
    Raffa Lello2 dagar sedan

    In Italy this car was produced by Rayton Fissore factory and it was called "Magnum". Even italian Police owned it!

  • xoomdust
    xoomdust2 dagar sedan

    I just saw one of these in Littleton, New Hamspshire about a month ago. YOHB?

  • Ryan Pina
    Ryan Pina2 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does this thing look exactly like Doug’s video logo with the bouncing dot?

  • Chelo Chelini
    Chelo Chelini2 dagar sedan

    Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats thirty-five.. Canyonero! Canyonero!

  • Bela Oxmyx
    Bela Oxmyx2 dagar sedan

    Another Dug rant on a weird suv

  • Geoff Pearl
    Geoff Pearl2 dagar sedan

    Yugo Taillights!

  • loutiscrive
    loutiscrive2 dagar sedan

    "Magnum" di Rayton Fissore

  • John Allen
    John Allen2 dagar sedan

    It borrowed the front end from a Suzuki Sidekick but didn't bother making the headlights bigger. That explains the gaps.

  • Julian Bell
    Julian Bell2 dagar sedan

    I like this truck - cool video Doug

  • Bart B.
    Bart B.2 dagar sedan

    The headlights look a lot like those on IVECO trucks

  • J.P.
    J.P.2 dagar sedan

    Looks like an inflated FIAT UNO :)

  • The Dominator
    The Dominator3 dagar sedan

    Oh yeah the Laforza from GTA San Andreas

  • Philip Baca
    Philip Baca3 dagar sedan

    Up your A$$ with quirks seriously drive it way up in there. Doug score hah

  • الباشا تلميذ
    الباشا تلميذ3 dagar sedan

    We want to see the car from below and see the drive axles of all the cars

  • myc0p
    myc0p3 dagar sedan

    That car is rust bucket 9:15 11:40

  • Onion
    Onion3 dagar sedan

    To me it's just a fat luxury maluch

  • Russell B
    Russell B3 dagar sedan

    Not that it matters much but it's pronounced (sounds like) Lafortsa. I suggest using GG Translate before committing yourself to video, dude! Best from Britain... pronounced (sounds like) Britten ;) May Laforza be with you!

  • DukDaFukDown
    DukDaFukDown3 dagar sedan

    You're an ultra dorky human life failure

  • Steffen Rosmus
    Steffen Rosmus4 dagar sedan

    This Design is 1000 Italian and ugly as hell. FIAT is an acronym meaning "For Italians Adequate Technique "

  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan4 dagar sedan

    From the side and rear it looks like a Lada Niva to me. Or the rear looks like a Yugo.

  • Blu Ruckus CRX

    Blu Ruckus CRX

    Dag sedan

    That dosent look like a Lada Niva or Yugo wtf, are you blind?

  • Robert Lafferty
    Robert Lafferty4 dagar sedan

    Clearly the LAFORZA did not fail, society failed LAFORZA 😉🚐

  • Downtime and Chill
    Downtime and Chill4 dagar sedan


  • mpasz
    mpasz4 dagar sedan

    Wow, what an ugly mofo of a car.......

  • Valentin Nadolu
    Valentin Nadolu5 dagar sedan

    Looks like something a very talented 1st grader would design.

  • Gee Em
    Gee Em5 dagar sedan

    I saw one or two of these in Maryland back in the 80s.

  • Jassi Brar
    Jassi Brar5 dagar sedan

    Looks like a jeep Cherokee with lada front and back end 🙄

  • Pie Eater Villain
    Pie Eater Villain5 dagar sedan

    Yeah, front and rear lights are from an old Fiat Uno.

  • Will Meyer
    Will Meyer5 dagar sedan

    Holy SHit! It's a 4WD Yugo

  • Paul Graves
    Paul Graves5 dagar sedan

    Wow! So ugly it would scare a police horse...

  • Arnold Layne
    Arnold Layne5 dagar sedan

    Interior looks better than most SUV’s today.

  • Timothy McSwain
    Timothy McSwain5 dagar sedan

    I would love to see you do a video on the Isuzu Impulse. That was one of my first cars -a 1983 model and it was the quirkiest car I ever owned and I've owned alot of cars. I wish I still had that one because it was one crazy automobile.

  • blackpassenger
    blackpassenger6 dagar sedan

    the only ugly vehicle with a pinifarina badge. so ashamed of pinin.

    GO ROTATE6 dagar sedan

    First I thought: What an ugly car. The longer i looked at it the more I liked it. Has kinda character this thing. I like it.

  • Bernardo Sicarelli
    Bernardo Sicarelli6 dagar sedan

    It's me, or it seems like an Isuzu Trooper? Great one too..

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith6 dagar sedan

    One of the best Doug reviews for Doug fans I have seen in awhile. So quirky yet so so great. 100% had me glued and laughing with sheer enjoyment through the whole video. Thanks Doug and thanks Laforza for bringing the material.

  • MdvK
    MdvK6 dagar sedan

    Pininfarina styling badge is probably half the value of this car ;)

  • Ben Helweg
    Ben Helweg7 dagar sedan

    This thing is awesome

  • Tom Frazier
    Tom Frazier7 dagar sedan

    I saw a red one for sale new (ish)? in Kailua about 1991.

  • warren kuhn
    warren kuhn7 dagar sedan

    A Jeep and a Ford explorer combo .

  • SILVA Maria
    SILVA Maria7 dagar sedan

    it looks like a fiat uno on steroids

  • SILVA Maria
    SILVA Maria7 dagar sedan

    11:11 , not uncommon on iveco busses

  • Quit Seven Six
    Quit Seven Six7 dagar sedan

    Looks like it cost about $8 to make

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis7 dagar sedan

    It looks like a Chinese knock-off of a MK2 Range Rover

  • Marlon Causey
    Marlon Causey7 dagar sedan

    “When I was a kid in the mid 90s” damn I’m old,lol.

  • André Mello
    André Mello7 dagar sedan


  • Buru Rossa
    Buru Rossa8 dagar sedan

    Rear lights may come from the fiat uno from the era

  • D. C.
    D. C.8 dagar sedan

    supercharged 302, well at least they did something correct

  • trillrif axegrindor
    trillrif axegrindor8 dagar sedan

    its like a yugo and a fiat had a large ugly 4x4 baby

  • trillrif axegrindor
    trillrif axegrindor8 dagar sedan

    check out "cars and bids" in case you didnt hear that 30 times in the first minute of the too can overpay for modern garbage

  • Hunter Covington
    Hunter Covington8 dagar sedan

    I have never criticized a Doug score but I honestly think you gotta bump that reliability to a 7

  • Dániel Gyovai
    Dániel Gyovai8 dagar sedan

    This thing reminds of an experimental vehicle from the Eastern Bloc… like a beefed up off-road IFA Wartburg prototype that never saw mass production.

  • Tom Frazier

    Tom Frazier

    7 dagar sedan

    Impossible frenar a tiempo, what Nicaraguan drivers called the IFA.

  • Blainion
    Blainion8 dagar sedan

    have a drink every time Doug says Laforza.

  • Alvin Junior
    Alvin Junior8 dagar sedan

    Big 'L' everywhere to remind you that you're driving a big Looser.

  • Marc Schouten
    Marc Schouten8 dagar sedan

    Saying the Laforza competed with Land Rover and Mercedes is like saying I competed in tennis with Federer.

  • infideldog13
    infideldog139 dagar sedan

    It looks like the designers took a vague look at the Range Rover P38, the short lived (thankfully) MCW Metrocab, the original Fiat Panda and a Mk1 Nissan Micra. And to think... this was built by Italians!? Were they having a day off?

  • billo82
    billo829 dagar sedan

    Lights and cargo door are borrowed from the fiat uno

  • Drake Jenness
    Drake Jenness9 dagar sedan

    Ad: "This is his old deodorant This is my old deodorant" Doug: _This is a 1989 laforza_

  • CarAudioJoe
    CarAudioJoe9 dagar sedan


  • Vimal Pawa
    Vimal Pawa9 dagar sedan

    Here is a drinking game...take a shot every time Doug says LAFORZA! Jokes aside, love your work Doug. :)

  • Allan Gonçalves
    Allan Gonçalves9 dagar sedan

    LeTs sEe ThE qUiRKs AnD fEaTuReS

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M9 dagar sedan

    LoL... literally looks BENT ! 🤣

  • S Drape
    S Drape9 dagar sedan

    This thing honestly looks like an Isuzu Trooper had a baby with a sedan. Like Isuzu and a Detroit company (any, really, even though Isuzu was partly owned by GM) did an SUV joint venture, each kept their own design teams, and the best of each design team was cut and pasted together to form this.

  • Leon Fuhrmann
    Leon Fuhrmann9 dagar sedan

    Its prettier than an Isuzu Trooper

  • Paul Vance
    Paul Vance9 dagar sedan

    Always wanted to see the ins and outs of the Laforza! Awesome!

  • Zhi Han Lee
    Zhi Han Lee9 dagar sedan

    16:47 VW Transporter I think

  • F40PH-2CAT
    F40PH-2CAT9 dagar sedan

    This looks like the Canyonero from the Simpsons.

  • Cthis
    Cthis9 dagar sedan

    You have to admit craftsmanship was WAY better back then than now.

  • SajtosNokedli
    SajtosNokedli9 dagar sedan

    The silhouette looks the same as the white car in the intro

  • SkipperJane
    SkipperJane9 dagar sedan

    I have seen this (actual) vehicle and it’s like a leather-covered Italian tank. Choices were made.

  • GT 7
    GT 79 dagar sedan

    basically a Fiat Uno Cross

  • J-F B
    J-F B10 dagar sedan

    29:27 ... Omg Doug your logo is a LaForza !