The Jaguar XKR-S Is a Ridiculous Jaguar Muscle Car


  • yavin99
    yavin99Dag sedan

    You need to put air in the tires, the TPMS light is on.

  • BeemMeUpScotty!
    BeemMeUpScotty!Dag sedan

    This car is much cleaner than most sports cars of 2021

  • Jon Allen
    Jon AllenDag sedan

    same climate controls on my xfr its strange

  • JK F1
    JK F13 dagar sedan

    6'3" Doug complaining about kid seats by trying to fit in them.

  • Bradley Richards
    Bradley Richards3 dagar sedan

    My 06 tiburon hatch has the same head warning for the backseat passengers

  • Jovan Scotty
    Jovan Scotty3 dagar sedan

    He’s definitely never heard of lotion

  • Adam Hamilton
    Adam Hamilton4 dagar sedan

    Yesss!! Thanks Doug!

  • Gautam Damojipurapu
    Gautam Damojipurapu4 dagar sedan

    Those door handles are straight out of European fords from the 90s and 00s

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp4 dagar sedan

    I look forward to this being 500 bucks in about another 2 years.

  • sonnyblack0870
    sonnyblack08705 dagar sedan

    Styling wise I do prefer the look of the XK-R over the XK-RS.

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good5 dagar sedan

    Thanks buddy, these don’t look to be very practical, I’ll get back to ya 🤔

  • Cas
    Cas5 dagar sedan

    It's basically grabber blue lol

  • hemin_gway
    hemin_gway5 dagar sedan

    7:56 like in FIAT's

  • Vinnie
    Vinnie6 dagar sedan

    E92 M3 had the same “carbon Fibre” leather on the dash. Super odd given it was probably one of the heavier trim options.

  • rockabilly Page
    rockabilly Page6 dagar sedan

    "Cool cat"

  • Alex_Soto
    Alex_Soto6 dagar sedan

    I feel like these are really underrated you hardly see these around

  • Mark Eastwood
    Mark Eastwood6 dagar sedan

    An extra complication just to put a cool gimmick in a car? Welcome to the 21st century 🤦‍♂️

  • Lord Nabuchodonosor
    Lord Nabuchodonosor6 dagar sedan

    Doug, you don't understand. It's not back seats but bag seats 🤣

  • Taro Yokoyama
    Taro Yokoyama7 dagar sedan

    If this is a muscle car, then what is a camaro, mustang and charger? What a joke

  • Da Malat
    Da Malat7 dagar sedan

    Only car I've ever had where I NEVER used the stereo. The sound alone put a smile on my face, every single time I drove it !!

  • Ty E
    Ty E7 dagar sedan

    At this point it looks like Toyota supra upgrade

  • Ron Forman
    Ron Forman7 dagar sedan

    News flash Jaguar always produced sports cars combined with comfort!

  • Bera Demir
    Bera Demir9 dagar sedan

    When I show it to her 13:49 When I insert it to her 13:52

  • lee porter
    lee porter9 dagar sedan

    The seat controls are all plastic ,not aluminium

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley9 dagar sedan

    I own one of the very first XK150s registered Dec 2006. Guess it's like seeing a Corevette or Camero here in London. But I can't find a right hand drive Corvette or Camero at all?

  • Marck Vargas Kolesnikov
    Marck Vargas Kolesnikov9 dagar sedan

    "Clean your knees before you get in"

  • Leandro Rocha
    Leandro Rocha9 dagar sedan

    This door lock has nothing too complex about it. My Fiat Punto has something like that and I've never had any problem with it in 12 years. lol

  • will decker
    will decker10 dagar sedan

    I had to turn him off after 12 mins.

  • Christopher Hurley
    Christopher Hurley10 dagar sedan

    you could put a spare wheel in the back.

  • vijay surendran
    vijay surendran10 dagar sedan

    jeremi clarkson gave this car a perfect score

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M10 dagar sedan

    I still want one of these... they’re cheap af now too ! It’s just hard to find the trim I want (and a decent warranty)

  • Abdallah Saba
    Abdallah Saba10 dagar sedan

    I genuinely cant believe the backseats are like that. Literally why even put them at that point?!?

  • Pot Committed
    Pot Committed10 dagar sedan

    current prices still $60k-$70k

  • Nicholas Grandchamp
    Nicholas Grandchamp11 dagar sedan

    Good Lord, Demuro is a harsh grader if he has the value of a 997 Turbo at a 7/10. 14+ years after they released, a low mileage one is still right around 6 figures. And a cool score on that car at a 6/10?! It is the last generation of a 911 Turbo that was offered in a manual transmission. Cool factor on that car is a 15/10

  • Снэтиік
    Снэтиік11 dagar sedan

    Making a V8 car sound like that, then not giving it a manual transmission = :(

  • 56MightyMike
    56MightyMike11 dagar sedan

    14:42 … “Not unlike being born. God, what a memory.”

  • gavfr
    gavfr11 dagar sedan

    About time!!!

  • Jan Be
    Jan Be11 dagar sedan

    Switched from earphones to speakers just before Doug decide to try back seat "It's the smallest" "Ahhhh" "Ohhh" "Ahhhh" .. Thanks, now I feel like a perv.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales11 dagar sedan

    Funny when I first glanced at the pic of car before reading what it was I thought it was a Kia Stinger

  • Logan Mapes
    Logan Mapes11 dagar sedan

    It’s a wanna be JZA80 Supra

  • FAL Peres
    FAL Peres11 dagar sedan

    How the f this interior is weird? You're weird doug

  • ISAYEV Studio
    ISAYEV Studio12 dagar sedan

    Please shoot Mercedes-Benz S class W220 🙏🏻

  • Deep Das
    Deep Das12 dagar sedan

    i think this car is meant for younger people

  • GasmaskeRobin
    GasmaskeRobin12 dagar sedan

    All the trim levels is like the Dodge Challenger

  • Lanson Floyd
    Lanson Floyd12 dagar sedan

    Those rear seats look about as useful and comfortable as the ones in my MkIII Supras... and the passengers bitched about as much as you did, lol.

  • Kaslin G
    Kaslin G12 dagar sedan

    *Doug before he has sex with his wife* “Be sure to check out cars and bids…” 🤣🤣

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith12 dagar sedan

    I love this car.

  • Will Esco
    Will Esco13 dagar sedan

    I hate heating seats. As a man, I don't want my sack to be warm. Unless my girl's hand is making it warm 😉

  • D_Zamb
    D_Zamb13 dagar sedan

    As soon as the video started I went to comment “wow the first car dough has reviewed without swirl marks! How could this be?” Then it was all explained :)

  • ToyoSauce
    ToyoSauce13 dagar sedan

    Just buy gtr. This car is funny

  • Kyoichi Sudo
    Kyoichi Sudo13 dagar sedan

    Some people want Lamborghinis and Ferraris. I just dream of a Jaguar XKR-S in my garage.

  • Shutbyotch
    Shutbyotch13 dagar sedan're slipping. That extra cargo storage in the trunk is really where most cars would have a spare. I'm guessing that's where the XK had its spare, and they put a plug kit in the trunk of the XKR-S to save weight.

  • Zach Judge

    Zach Judge

    9 dagar sedan

    you're right, that's where my spare is.

  • LiftOrGTFO
    LiftOrGTFO13 dagar sedan

    Dough is a diva

  • Cherif
    Cherif13 dagar sedan

    Most ridiculous back seats in the history of automobile !

  • Santino Vaccariello.
    Santino Vaccariello.13 dagar sedan

    We're finally over here saying 2012 is old... Damn... I'm just getting old...

  • Pratik Vyas
    Pratik Vyas13 dagar sedan

    JAGS R THE BEST!!!! i own one n it is EPIC!!

  • SoCalRobots
    SoCalRobots13 dagar sedan

    Same grabber blue as my Mustang

  • Brock
    Brock13 dagar sedan

    That felt was the first thing I noticed lol, thanks for complaining about it. Looks like a speaker box someone made for their G body in high school

  • JRSinCT
    JRSinCT13 dagar sedan

    Jaguar has always been the car that falls maddeningly short of greatness...

  • Matthew Christian E.
    Matthew Christian E.13 dagar sedan

    Why are you reviewing this car and making the prices go up 🥲

  • Michael Ostrofsky
    Michael Ostrofsky13 dagar sedan

    From a design standpoint Ford did a solid job -- but then it tailed off as Tata's influence grew. They changed the Jaguar logotype -- and it was a lot worse. Same with the growler logo. Same with the elimination of the leaper on the hood. Same with the nav system ergonomics -- which was excellent back in 2004. The overall vehicle designs became mainstream -- and their wheel designs are terrible. At least Tata has kept the brand alive -- and continues to provide support to it when it easily could write off its investment and walk away. Wish they'd improve in the design department, though.

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton13 dagar sedan

    You should do '🔝ten worst backseats'.

  • Miguel Romero
    Miguel Romero13 dagar sedan

    How about doing a Jaguar Project 7? While looking for one of these cars a couple of years ago I came upon an ongoing theme, the leather dash or door panels would bubble and separate from where it was glued down. This was a very annoying problem and I figured that that was why people would get rid of the car when they found out how much it would cost to repair, if they found a shop that wanted to tackle it.

  • Alien Drone Services
    Alien Drone Services13 dagar sedan

    Also known as a Camaro.

  • C B
    C B13 dagar sedan

    Oh come on you are being picky about the miles being shown only when trip is on. Lots of cars are like that.

  • jeff parrish
    jeff parrish13 dagar sedan

    People actually let you critique their personal cars using words like Pathetic To describe the back seats etc?

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock13 dagar sedan

    If you don’t like the blue you have to change lots of interior bits too if you want to repaint it

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock13 dagar sedan

    9.8 mpg?? Thirsty cat 🐱

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock13 dagar sedan

    I saw in the late 80’s cars in Germany that did 300kmh. Different gearing and hp that North America didn’t get

  • The Flat Rock
    The Flat Rock13 dagar sedan

    Id like one in green

  • Leonardo Lima
    Leonardo Lima13 dagar sedan

    Please do it a review of the new grand Cherokee

  • 14_Yote 5_oh
    14_Yote 5_oh13 dagar sedan

    This thing is badass. Sounds alot like my mustang GT

  • Zoki Zoki
    Zoki Zoki14 dagar sedan

    they came in that blue, I never knew.

  • charlesnr
    charlesnr14 dagar sedan

    I once had my parents on the back seat of my 1965 Volvo 1800S.

  • John Brannen
    John Brannen14 dagar sedan

    For me the colour is bowfin but my biggest gripe about jags is the fact that they aren’t reliable here in Scotland/ uk an unreliable car is about as appealing as kissing a fat sweat covered dames armpit, both of which isn’t appealing at all

  • K.J.
    K.J.14 dagar sedan

    Over priced power.

  • K.J.
    K.J.14 dagar sedan

    At first glance it looks like a bloated frs/brz/86

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols14 dagar sedan

    LISP will shit on every car he drives....YET has never built one better

  • Nathan Aribowo
    Nathan Aribowo14 dagar sedan

    Douds left leg is bruised or dirty

  • 912alldaylong
    912alldaylong14 dagar sedan


  • ant n
    ant n14 dagar sedan

    love jags, but parts are hard to find for them.

  • said hossain
    said hossain14 dagar sedan

    It is the best car Jaguar made in the last two decades. Despite billions of dollars of investments the new XE, XF, and F Pace were unreliable, and full of problems, and unaccomplished in terms of technology, breakthrough, and even driving.

  • Jez_Stephens AnotherApex
    Jez_Stephens AnotherApex14 dagar sedan


  • real shady
    real shady14 dagar sedan

    Haha!! Look at me,,,,pay attention. KNOW your car.

  • Geegerg Wisley
    Geegerg Wisley14 dagar sedan

    It’s a jaaaag

  • Tim Butler
    Tim Butler14 dagar sedan

    People that say "my car is in the shop" the most are Jaguar owners. I honestly didn't think Jaguar made cars past 1998.

  • DeliciousIcE132
    DeliciousIcE13214 dagar sedan

    Carbon Fiber is a fabric... what you see on most cars is carbon fiber reinforced polymer... Someone pls correct me if im wrong.

  • Matyas Bacs
    Matyas Bacs14 dagar sedan

    The carbon fiber on this car's door panels is LEATHER WITH CARBON FIBER LOOKS, the same is for the seats

  • Cosmic Cloud
    Cosmic Cloud14 dagar sedan

    My version of reviewing modern cars: “THISSS is a modern day shit box! It has be bombarded with safety standards making it look like total trash compared to older leaner cars. Some of the features include the high beltline, tiny windows, fat pillars, poor visibility, enormous amounts of weight and the boring automatic transmission that requires no skill to drive. Add the score up and….it gets a 0 out of 100 placing in the dumpster where it belongs.” “And make sure to check out cars and bids where much cooler looking and fun to drive older cars are up for sale”

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson14 dagar sedan

    Doug Demuro: Jaguar never disappoints with their I6, v6, v8 and v12s (especially their v12s). My favourite Jaguar ever made is a the 1966 XJ13 RWD Mid Rear Engine 5.0L DOHC 60° v12. Only 1 was made but better than none in my book haha.

  • M Wolf
    M Wolf14 dagar sedan

    Thanks for finally reviewing a car from the Jag XK range!! Have been waiting a while for this👍👍👍

  • morningstaR x
    morningstaR x14 dagar sedan

    That's the prettiest jag I've ever seen

  • Stratos p
    Stratos p14 dagar sedan

    What a beautiful car, xk ia my favourite jag

  • cordinate81
    cordinate8114 dagar sedan

    Ridiculous pile of junk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J D
    J D14 dagar sedan

    So sick of phony clowns who exaggerate everything. Thumbs DOWN.

  • nekdo
    nekdo14 dagar sedan

    I've never opened the door accidentally when unlocking it lol

  • B B
    B B14 dagar sedan

    "Worst backseats ever!" Fiat 500- that's right! Cuz my backseats aren't backseats at all. It's actually just a raised, cushioned floor. Don't ask why there's seatbelts and headrests though. Its complicated.

  • David Wright
    David Wright14 dagar sedan

    Beautiful car. Too bad Jaguars are horribly unreliable though. Pay $132,000 for the car, and that's how much you'll pay just to keep the car running. Land Rovers are the same way.

  • David Hewitt
    David Hewitt14 dagar sedan

    Is this man's presentation irritating or what? First and last time I will ever listen to it.