The Geo Metro Convertible Was a Hilariously Pathetic 50-Horsepower Economy Car


Geo Metro review!!! The Geo Metro Convertible is a tiny convertible economy car with no frills and almost no power. Today I'm reviewing the Geo Metro Convertible, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of this little car. I'm also going to show you what it's like to drive the tiny Geo Metro, and I'll review the Geo Metro driving experience.


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  • Randy McTavish
    Randy McTavish12 timmar sedan

    not bad

  • Supesfan88
    Supesfan8812 timmar sedan

    Could you try to find a 1st Gen Aveo and compare it to this?

  • Ed Lima
    Ed Lima14 timmar sedan

    Why is the video slightly sped up?

  • Giordan Diodato
    Giordan Diodato15 timmar sedan

    god that color is so 90s

  • L H
    L H15 timmar sedan

    no shit..the same car I probably test drove when I was in Iowa back in the 90' same color everything.

  • Music Athority
    Music Athority16 timmar sedan

    The three cylinder versions would actually, and I'm not joking slowdown when you turn on the airconditioning. and the three cylinder engines would also wear out very quickly.

  • steve
    steve22 timmar sedan

    Pathetic little pipsquak?? Ba-hahaha.. up even my 16hp 150cc yamaha bike can leave dust behind this 50hp car 😂 Yo, after roasting it to ashes, you're selling it out? that's cold man Um, Who would buy this after being insulted?

  • Trect
    TrectDag sedan

    The Geo Metro makes the Mitsubishi Mirage look like a Bentley

  • Konan
    KonanDag sedan

    52 horsepower💀💀💀

  • Alfonso Adame
    Alfonso AdameDag sedan

    Bring back these cars . Cars nowadays are trash 🗑

  • crash b
    crash bDag sedan

    "This car can be yours!" Why

  • Ronald Baker
    Ronald BakerDag sedan

    Great little car. Just didn't catch on.

  • Jay Jess
    Jay JessDag sedan

    Needs an alignment

  • Sanyey
    SanyeyDag sedan

    thats a standard suzuki swift...

  • Reid Conti
    Reid ContiDag sedan

    Subtracting (adding?) 23.5L/100km from the manual transmission mileage figure to get the 3spd auto figure.. yeah that’s … not how this works.

  • Reid Conti
    Reid ContiDag sedan

    Don’t you remember “hey man, can you push the mirror out a little bit more for me”? Manual passenger mirrors were meant for the passenger to adjust for the driver :)

  • Black Jeep Convertible
    Black Jeep ConvertibleDag sedan

    Convertible version of any car is a GREAT car. Doug just doesn’t love open air freedom 🇺🇸

  • Black Jeep Convertible
    Black Jeep Convertible2 dagar sedan

    I love convertibles

  • Jed K
    Jed K2 dagar sedan

    the owners manual lol

  • Gary Iacobucci
    Gary Iacobucci2 dagar sedan

    Imagine if Doug and Jay Leno ever crossed paths shooting car videos, what a battle of the chins

  • L581
    L5812 dagar sedan

    I'm honestly surprised that they haven't brought this car back. Most of the cars in the '90s although they were smaller and maybe not the fastest in the world they did get better gas mileage and they were a lot lighter. They kept things simple in the '90s and they should do the same now. Hybrids are nice but they're expensive and they're better ways to go about making a car that gets better gas mileage and that will last 20 30 or 40 years down the road. The Geo Metro was by far more practical than any hybrid out there today. A hybrids batteries will last 10 years at best and cost you close to $6,000 if not more to replace them. This little Geo Metro won't have much to replace as long as you change your oil in it and take care of the motor and if the battery for the starter goes bad it'll cost you probably $100 or less to replace. God bless the 90s and God bless the Geo metro.

  • D Z
    D Z2 dagar sedan

    I would try to track down that sales person as it would be fun to revisit the good old days.

  • D Z
    D Z2 dagar sedan

    I still remember seeing them at the dealership when I was at grad school. For a poor grad student, they looked like dreams. I would buy one if they were still making them. Just fun to drive around town.

  • Matthew Geist
    Matthew Geist2 dagar sedan

    I gave my swift fog light and sunroof I wanted 1993 gti stop making had a 1995.

  • Matthew Geist
    Matthew Geist2 dagar sedan

    Had had the Swift it get three door hatchback 1.4 90hp god miss that little shit great on gas 5 speed on hill max 60 on flats 75

  • Sean Larson
    Sean Larson2 dagar sedan

    Look at some of those welds in the engine bay!

  • Ian Bridwell
    Ian Bridwell2 dagar sedan

    Doug! I love your videos. You got your fuel mileage conversions wrong at 9:34. The difference between 46 mpg (5.1 L/100km) and 36 mpg (6.5 L/100km) is 1.4 L/100km, not 23.5 L as you stated. The conversion isn't linear!

  • Bootquake
    Bootquake2 dagar sedan

    For anyone else wondering about this: The actual l/100 km difference between 47.5 MPG(combined mileage) and 37.5 MPG (10 MPG less for automatic) is about 1.3 l/100 km (4.95 l/100km manual and 6.27 l/100 km automatic). Doug displayed the correct values in the beginning, but as he talked about the automatic being 10 MPG less he translated that to 23.5 l/100 km. Yes, 10 MPG is 23.5 l/100 km, but MPG and l/100 km can't be compared like that because they measure different things. MPG is distance per fuel and l/100km is fuel per distance. This means MPG becomes smaller as fuel consumption increases while l/100km increases with fuel consumption. Not meant to berate, just to clarify. Have a nice day.

  • Jay Suthers
    Jay Suthers2 dagar sedan

    I know this video is from more than 2 months ago, but I wanted to comment about your being passed by a Chevy Bolt. I can tell you, as a Bolt owner, I can pass a lot of cars easily. It's a 3500 lb car with 200 hp and 266 ft-lbs of torque, it can overtake the average car quite easily let alone a rubber band powered convertible. (smile emoji) If you haven't already, I would love to see you review the Bolt. Lots of cheapness, but good tech and lots of power. As the charging infrastructure grows, it's becoming a very capable car even on long trips.

  • Sam Tilden
    Sam Tilden2 dagar sedan

    The motor is as slow and boring as this fucking video good god 🙄

  • TransistorBased
    TransistorBased3 dagar sedan

    What a time, advertising that your car was made by Suzuki was better than advertising it was made in the US

  • Alex Timbol
    Alex Timbol3 dagar sedan

    Looks like a nice grocery getter, commuter, or beach going vehicle--if your beach is within a few kilometers.

  • omarruelas123
    omarruelas1233 dagar sedan

    Doug: insults the geo metro during filming Doug after filming SEblacks video: ads geo metro to car collection.

  • BlueMoonPanther
    BlueMoonPanther3 dagar sedan

    I had the same car back in early 90's but I installed a turbo charged 1.3 l gti engine and it was the most fun inducing human killer convertible ever

  • Ky Shrode
    Ky Shrode3 dagar sedan

    I used to own one and it only used like $10 a month in gas its a 3 cyl was in a multi car pile up other large cards were totaled but my Metro only had a fender wrinkle

  • Bart B.
    Bart B.3 dagar sedan

    cut the car some slack you jerk. it's doing it's best

  • Carlos Holz
    Carlos Holz3 dagar sedan

    "Hilariously Pathetic 50-Horsepower Economy Car"..... according ONLY to the US market

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos3 dagar sedan

    I own one these pussy magnets. Shits fire. Don't talk to me about the shitty "hypercar". Most don't have the trunk space, nor the comfort to match one of these bad boys.

  • Brad Nelson
    Brad Nelson3 dagar sedan

    I drove one of these for 20 years, I LOVED IT!! Great gas mileage and it felt like you were on a skateboard with an engine, just a lot of fun. Bought it in 1996 for $2000 and I ran it till 2016, I don't even know how many miles I put on it because its odometer only went to 100,000, it might have been 200,000 to 300,000 miles. All this guy is whining about is power and cup holders.

  • Diana Watson
    Diana Watson3 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: The early VW Beetle was originally equipped with a 25hp engine which was later upgraded to a whopping 36hp, then the dual port 40hp came along which was the icing on the cake. 50hp would've been a dream.

  • tbirdpunk
    tbirdpunk3 dagar sedan

    If you had to parallel park for your drivers test... this was the machine to do it in.

  • The Rolling Troll
    The Rolling Troll3 dagar sedan

    I love how people keep saying 'that's even great fuel economy today'. Many cars did close to or over 50mpg in Europe back in the late 80's and early 90's

  • T¡nfo¡l Hat
    T¡nfo¡l Hat3 dagar sedan

    They got better mpg than anything made now

  • alloneword154
    alloneword1544 dagar sedan

    Hair flowing in the wind while you struggle to keep up with the guy jogging next to you

  • David Bayley
    David Bayley4 dagar sedan

    It's a Suzuki

  • SbI29
    SbI294 dagar sedan

    We used to have one, a green one with 2 doors, the gas mileage was truly amazing since at the time prices were nearing $5 a gallon, umm it did fall apart towards the end, idk how all 4 of us fit in there but we did, a/c was surprisingly good and this is AZ, good memories

  • Deathling Kill
    Deathling Kill4 dagar sedan

    V12 swap

  • Andrew Williamson
    Andrew Williamson4 dagar sedan

    Did you catch the Max Load Capacity 😂😂 388lbs- THATS like. Not even 2 Americans 😂 if you had 2 people each at 200lbs, you’d automatically be over the load limit 👏🏻

  • Richard Kim
    Richard Kim4 dagar sedan

    Just need to find someone to find a way to drop a Hellcat engine in there.

  • Novotech Technologies Inc.
    Novotech Technologies Inc.4 dagar sedan

    I had its cousin, a Suzuki Swift. It had a rocking 70HP … I think my weed trimmer has that now.

  • Michel Foshee
    Michel Foshee4 dagar sedan

    Need a headband, tight shorty shorts and a polo shirt. Then you'd understand..... 😂

  • Kil Wil
    Kil Wil4 dagar sedan

    ngl its goddamn sweet

    theMIKA RENOLDS4 dagar sedan

    sub par driving skills not to realize you can 360 it easy drifter to fit threw space rally car long range distance on gas perfect messenger vehicle,, i owned 15 metros and 4 extra engines , currently i have a FULL BUILT 90 GEO METRO 5SPeed , you still don't get once it is built out like a race car suspension widing the wheel base bigger rims tires exhaust radiator oil air intake all modded with the 3 cylinder increasing a bit in horse power built in a machine shop oversized pistons super flat plane head ect that the car is super light it is 15 hundred pounds = a carbon fiber car= were i started u have sub par driving skills you push this car threw turns rally it threw streets fit threw small spaces its like a mid engine car in handling because the engine ways nothing once its balanced upgraded fixed and built out its like a carbon fiber car were not talking giant money to get a used one and turn it into a race car like i did its a blast driving within the speed limits long distance

  • Oughriend
    Oughriend4 dagar sedan

    This guy is the love child of Jay Leno and Garrett Lambert.

  • Jon Parker
    Jon Parker4 dagar sedan

    My 94 Mustang had a plastic key blank. I never knew what it was for and I never had it used. But it was far from rare.

  • Corey Brass
    Corey Brass4 dagar sedan

    I honestly wanted one of these as a teen.

  • Sapphire Retro
    Sapphire Retro4 dagar sedan

    Why don't you ever re ord turning on the ignition and let us see the speedometer 🤧

  • Tesla Cyber Truck
    Tesla Cyber Truck4 dagar sedan

    That looks exactly like what Doug would drive

  • MrCommunistGen
    MrCommunistGen4 dagar sedan

    I know that stretch of I5 from the test drive quite well. I commuted back and forth between Pacific Beach and Del Mar for work for many years.

  • Leland Franklin
    Leland Franklin4 dagar sedan

    Bought a Tracker for 7k....3 years later....traded for 7k. Great little buggy with no issues.

  • Craig Doriety
    Craig Doriety4 dagar sedan

    My wife had a little 94 GEO hatchback with 3 cylinder. Pretty weak.

  • Christer Åhs
    Christer Åhs4 dagar sedan

    And with that i mean when Corvettes and Camaros are faster on track comared to a four time more price bullshit Ferrari. And you still thinks italian crap is better. Something is very bad. I remember Ferrari and Lamborghinis from the seventys. They was a absolutely disaster when it comes to quality. THATS patetic. When they should better colour in a NEW car. They used a paintbrush. And when it was a dent from the factory. They used a crowbar to direkt it. I would not do that on a 500 dollar car. Hire a racecardriver when it comes to exotic car. Because when you takes it out on the road to give it a "doug score" and turn the wheel a little back and fourth and acceleration for 100 meters. Thats bull. You can test a blender like that. Not a car. So mister Doug.. I proposes a more suitable employment for you.

  • James Buccola
    James Buccola4 dagar sedan

    It was a car for 16 year old girls. Get a grip.

  • Christer Åhs
    Christer Åhs4 dagar sedan

    Still more value for money compared to all the italian crap you find so fantastic.

  • WT TW
    WT TW4 dagar sedan

    Ok $36.00 that I have in my wallet right now! Plus you pay the tittle transfer. Take it or leave it.

  • buzzbrutus excelsior
    buzzbrutus excelsior4 dagar sedan

    2 words BABE MAGNET

  • andromedar1977
    andromedar19774 dagar sedan

    36 mpg is not 23.5 L/100km. What are you talking about?!?! Its 6.5L/100km!

  • DMAN007
    DMAN0075 dagar sedan

    That car can out pace any Koenigsegg

  • Mark Wells
    Mark Wells5 dagar sedan

    For several years a metro sedan was a part of several rallys in Southern California. It never won but it sure was fun to watch it participate.

  • paulo de brito soares
    paulo de brito soares5 dagar sedan

    How come Doug can miss the point like this? Call it pathetic is pathetic. It was meant to be a cheap urban car with the fun character of a convertible. And it hits the spot. Doug is clear an affectionate for super expensive luxurious and pathetically high performance car, which no one will ever really have the chance to enjoy... for our own safety. A Lamborghini that costs over 200k dollars and has 500 hp is much more pathetic since it will probably be all its life stuck in the traffic of the LA highways.

  • Joe Takacs
    Joe Takacs5 dagar sedan

    Excellent sales pitch on the test drive...

  • DFX2KX
    DFX2KX5 dagar sedan

    13:28 Me, only half paying attention: "Hey, we've got a George White Chevy here in Ames-" Douge: "In Ames, Iowa" me: "OH WOW. Ames gets a mention!" That dealership is still there.

  • DFX2KX


    5 dagar sedan

    (and I unpause and see Doug also noted that it's still there, that's hilarious)

  • bill
    bill5 dagar sedan

    they last forever if you have the standard transmission .

  • mikhail gorbachev
    mikhail gorbachev5 dagar sedan

    The yugo was even worst than the metro. Way worse.

  • Dark Daze
    Dark Daze5 dagar sedan

    Hey Doug. I have a 98 Chevy Metro! Yep, cheapstir for sure. Still better than a Yugo! Paid $400, so not too bad.

  • mikhail gorbachev
    mikhail gorbachev5 dagar sedan

    The geo metro was made to compete with the japanese econobox cars. I almost bought one but settled on a toyota tercel 1992 sedan. It was a much better car.

  • Mick Obrien
    Mick Obrien5 dagar sedan

    10:45 ... The Geo wasn't being generous with the air bag... The USA mandated all cars from 1990 onward had to include a driver air bag. Geo was just following the law.

  • jwillkens
    jwillkens5 dagar sedan

    I miss good cheap cars ($200-$300). I've owned around 25 cars. I used to buy and sell at least, one car a year. I always have 3 at minimum. The vehicles were old, in decent mechanical shape and either economical or powerful. Sometimes they were both. The car industry has gone backwards in almost every aspect. Just look at Tesla and the right to repair nightmare of today.

  • Shadow Rides
    Shadow Rides5 dagar sedan

    I had the older 1988 Chevy Sprint with a 3 cylinder engine. The engine was actually only 883 cc (1.0L), I had the carbureted version.

  • paul battis
    paul battis5 dagar sedan

    A pathetic car that could get over 50mpg and easily go over 300,000 miles. yeah ok.

  • Brandon Hoke
    Brandon Hoke5 dagar sedan

    It’s always nice to drive balls to the wall in a Metro just to get gapped by a school bus.

  • Travis Demon
    Travis Demon5 dagar sedan

    I miss my Geo

  • Heinrich Koenen
    Heinrich Koenen5 dagar sedan

    I had a 91 four door LSI version of the GEO. Got 50 mpg a gallon all the time I had it. Made it past 100,000 miles without any major repairs. Tires, brakes and oil changes was all. Unfortunately the frame rusted out so it was time for it to go.

  • kimber1911
    kimber19115 dagar sedan

    My friend had the Suzuki Swift turbo! Totalled it taking a turn too fast.

  • MightyMatt 36
    MightyMatt 366 dagar sedan

    i want this!

  • galbraith69
    galbraith696 dagar sedan

    The one thing that we use from Imperial system in terms of Cars are the size of wheels. So you do not need to convert those into "mm" :). 13" wheels was perfectly understandable. I only loose it with feets and mpg. Thanks Doug! :D

  • dubox37
    dubox376 dagar sedan

    This car sold for $5700. Wtf buys a car like this???

  • Tessou
    Tessou6 dagar sedan

    I live just down the street from this dealership in Ames and absolutely would buy one of these Metros if they popped up on the lot.

  • S A
    S A6 dagar sedan

    oh the first car I purchased new :) I like it. I had the manual option

    SATAN6 dagar sedan

    And now smart cars

  • TheReptilianBrain
    TheReptilianBrain6 dagar sedan

    I can’t figure out if I’d rather hear Doug demuro talk about cars or if I’d rather hear Jay Leno narrate the Kama Sutra.

  • Gary Beck
    Gary Beck6 dagar sedan

    Love the channel and the interesting cars... 👍

  • E Van
    E Van6 dagar sedan

    I always felt like 90's car seat fabric patterns and coach bus seat fabric was trying to mimic the colorful 90's movie theater carpets of that time period.

  • dmaxsba
    dmaxsba6 dagar sedan

    Had a first generation Metro, first new car I ever owned. It was the most reliable car I have had. Best $6000 I ever spent on a car. Lasted me over 10 years, 250,000+ trouble free miles. Nothing but general maintenance was ever required. Talk your shit about Metros all you want but that 5 speed 3 cylinder was very fun to drive and the quality for the money spent was off the charts!

  • DFX2KX


    5 dagar sedan

    In a lot of ways, a car like this is competing with motorbike commuting at it's price point. And when you do that comparison, it's really not that bad.

  • Ugly Barnacle
    Ugly Barnacle6 dagar sedan

    siiick. ill take it to bennys 👍

  • John Suffill
    John Suffill6 dagar sedan

    You think the Geo Metro is bad? Check out the Austin Metro produced by British Leyland here in the UK from the early 80's. And yes, there was a convertible version. Cheaply made, and crap in almost every department. The car it was designed to replace (the Mini) outlived it by many years.

  • Todd Maek
    Todd Maek6 dagar sedan

    Im 44 yrs old, I wanted this car when I was younger, Id actually still drive that car RIGHT NOW too. Probably take it to Rich Rebuilds and see if he could convert it into an EV.

  • John Lilley
    John Lilley6 dagar sedan

    If you squint real hard the metro font on the airbag kind of looks like camaro

    TUSHAR GHANTI6 dagar sedan

    And in india you will find maruti

  • TheLoneWanderer
    TheLoneWanderer7 dagar sedan

    You need to make more videos of pathetic cars they are the best 👌