The Fiat Multipla Was an Incredibly Quirky (and Ugly) Family Car


Fiat Multipla review! The Fiat Multipla was weird, quirky, and ugly. Today I'm reviewing the Fiat Multipla, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of one of the weirdest and ugliest vehicles you can find -- and it's a VERY quirky one. Then I'll drive the Multipla and review the driving experience of one of the only Fiat Multipla models in North America.


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  • Argo Hein
    Argo Hein6 minuter sedan

    Xsara Picasso is also kinda practical and not so beautiful car. Can you get a hold of one in US?

  • SpooK
    SpooK11 minuter sedan

    I saw one yesterday

  • El Merc
    El Merc11 minuter sedan

    Brilliant piece of 90s bio-design, concept-car looking Multipla.

  • mgientka
    mgientka20 minuter sedan

    It's also cool because it's one of a few passenger cars that has engine which is very easy to transform it into CNG-gas powered one. That makes it a little bit more eco-friendly than diesel or gasoline.

  • futurepath
    futurepath33 minuter sedan


  • fifi23o5
    fifi23o552 minuter sedan

    What's the difference between Multipla and a brothel? Not much. You feel fine when you're inside, but feel embarassed when people see you coming out.

  • Max
    MaxTimme sedan

    You forgot to tell that you can take al the seats completely out. That gives A LOT of space extra.

  • ArrZarr
    ArrZarrTimme sedan

    While the original Multipla design was butt ugly, I honestly prefer it to the unfathomable blandness of the refresh.

  • UserCid
    UserCidTimme sedan

    look up AI generated art; that's what this car is+

  • UserCid


    Timme sedan

    no clue how i made that typo

  • saga vera
    saga veraTimme sedan

    I think the plastic piece on the door is to prevent chipping the door in tight parking space.

  • Mohamed .Kanoo
    Mohamed .Kanoo2 timmar sedan

    I agree with you it is awkward in how it looks, but I always liked it for being supremely clever.

  • Lukosius68
    Lukosius683 timmar sedan

    Do you want to know, how Family guy Stewie with dawn syndrome looks like? Take a look at multipla's door handles.

  • Andrew W.C.
    Andrew W.C.3 timmar sedan

    Okay, I like to believe I know most cars. But what the heck was that thing he was standing with during the Cars & Bids pitch? A Zagato something or other?

    ELLIPSIS4 timmar sedan

    8:05 um no, Doug, it's a rubber stopper so you don't damage the door if you open it too far and hit something.

  • DestruxandExploze
    DestruxandExploze4 timmar sedan

    Uglier than the Pontiac Aztek

  • Cody Kamminga
    Cody Kamminga4 timmar sedan

    Why tf did they get a RHD version? Wouldn’t it be much easier if they just got a LHD version in America

  • LEV 's
    LEV 's4 timmar sedan

    U really call it the ugliest car ever when GLE 2020 just exist?

  • TheFour Mechanix
    TheFour Mechanix4 timmar sedan

    Most people spend hours dreaming of what spec R34 when it hits 25 years old to import, but I bet Doug is doing the same for the Multipla.

  • Alessandro Rossi
    Alessandro Rossi4 timmar sedan

    For me it is so original and beautiful ... the cars you think are beautiful are all similar ones. No surprises, no emotions, all the same shape

  • Tony Booth
    Tony Booth5 timmar sedan

    Doug did you check the Citroen as well..

  • Tony Booth
    Tony Booth5 timmar sedan

    is Doug trading in his Defender for this 6 seater family car

  • Fastbikkel
    Fastbikkel5 timmar sedan

    It looked like shite, but it was very functional. I drove it many times and it was comfy as well.

  • Frrrrunkis
    Frrrrunkis5 timmar sedan

    Nobody: Doug: C a r s A n d B i d s 👐🏻

  • Herzlich Willkommen
    Herzlich Willkommen5 timmar sedan

    I waited so long for this, thank you Doug for finally reviewing a Fiat Multipla

  • Michi - Film& Films
    Michi - Film& Films6 timmar sedan

    "Why do you need aereodinamics and study physics when you have family?" -Probably what the designer said to the FIAT engineers after meeting Dom Toretto

  • XLSI
    XLSI6 timmar sedan

    It's a dolphin!

  • Leonardo Antonio
    Leonardo Antonio6 timmar sedan

    You really had fun reviewing this car :D

  • カイKai
    カイKai6 timmar sedan

    Like everyone, I find it pretty ugly. sort of bothers my OCD with how the front is with the tall roof. But for purely practicality, I could drive one. Really unique, very usable, only downside is I believe it's front wheel drive so not the best for winter, but not terrible. I'd own one for the right price.

  • Ains 2
    Ains 26 timmar sedan

    17:14 imagine a multipla drift car.

  • REEE jongo_plays_minecraft_with_guns
    REEE jongo_plays_minecraft_with_guns6 timmar sedan

    What’s the car that was in the intro the one that has the z’s on the wheels?

  • Ains 2
    Ains 26 timmar sedan

    How far do the windows go?

  • 🐰lettuce prey
    🐰lettuce prey7 timmar sedan

    Whenever Doug uses the words clever, quirk or cool about the Fix It Again Tomorrow Multipla, he actually means fuckin stupid.

  • farnarkleboy
    farnarkleboy7 timmar sedan

    I always liked the Multipla's oddness . But this is the first time I've watched Doug and he seems to be a bit borderline hysterical ...a bit like that other American bloke Scotty Kilmer. Is this a national requirement for presenters to be 'emotionally edging' ?

  • Daniel Bluck
    Daniel Bluck7 timmar sedan

    I see a lot of Chrysler in the Multipla.

  • Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace7 timmar sedan

    Doug the kinda guy to laugh throughout his own review of the Fiat Multipla.

  • Shehzaad caunhye
    Shehzaad caunhye7 timmar sedan

    This car has two front ends?

  • For The Love Of Noise
    For The Love Of Noise7 timmar sedan

    Review that big vehicle in the backgound next.

  • Emerslam
    Emerslam7 timmar sedan

    This car was ahead of its time.

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger5118 timmar sedan

    This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer designed a car

  • For The Love Of Noise
    For The Love Of Noise8 timmar sedan

    You had me at manual transmission and purple interior....although I think it is more indigo than purple.

  • Justin Jordan
    Justin Jordan8 timmar sedan

    I'm wondering how ugly a car that is a 1 would have to be.

  • bisri hakim
    bisri hakim8 timmar sedan

    anyone knows what the keyhole inside the driver side storage for? doug didn't explain it and i'm itching to find out.

  • Finding Japan with Terry
    Finding Japan with Terry8 timmar sedan

    At first I was like oh boy and not interested… then I remembered that Doug loves quirk. And sure enough, this turned out to be one of Quirkmaster Doug’s best reviews!

  • Jim King
    Jim King9 timmar sedan

    I am surprised he didn't mention the Multipla from the late 1950s through '67.

  • Justin S
    Justin S9 timmar sedan

    Isn’t this the Johnny cab from total recall

  • Jacob Stacy
    Jacob Stacy9 timmar sedan

    It’s ugly but cool I never seen in person

  • chorch teacher
    chorch teacher9 timmar sedan

    Italian modern design tends to be abstract and asymmetrical. Just watch the video of weird Chryslers from the 60s (designed by Ghia I think)

  • Epic_Aventador
    Epic_Aventador10 timmar sedan

    FINALLY THIS DAY HAS COME Doug reviews the Fiat Multipla

  • Peter
    Peter10 timmar sedan

    This thing is quite practical

  • Jim Heeren
    Jim Heeren11 timmar sedan

    my father absolutely loved this car, he always wanted to buy one but we got a Citroën Picasso instead

  • Ride BC
    Ride BC11 timmar sedan

    Finally, a car for Doug.

  • drtofuu
    drtofuu11 timmar sedan

    Filming at 100° will naturally speed Doug up to 1.25x. Great review, the only innacurate fact was the fact about people not buying those cars. They were really popular in Europe.

  • Wolfgang Huhn
    Wolfgang Huhn11 timmar sedan

    Come on 5.30 before you get to the review,

  • AcadianADV
    AcadianADV11 timmar sedan

    If Nickelodeon designed a car.

  • Froggy 01
    Froggy 0111 timmar sedan

    I saw one of these in the flesh in Florence when I was travelling back in 1999 - it was a spaceship and jsut so bloody cool. It’s still cool, has aged really well. Wasn’t another forgettable clone - aesthetics is subjective, but the worst sin in car design is to be boring and derivative.

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams11 timmar sedan

    Seeing the Isuzu VehiCross has the same styling score as the Multipla is wrong. just wrong. Too low a score for the VehiCross and too high a score for the Multipla. Absolutely not on the same level.

  • WakaLlord
    WakaLlord11 timmar sedan

    I'm relatively certain that most of the control layout quirks (mirror controls on ceiling, no rear window controls up front, putting everything in the center stack) is to reduce costs when making a left and right hand drive version of the car, especially since it was only going to be sold in Europe.

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson12 timmar sedan

    Doug has 4 million subscribers, wears two t-shirts and sweats through both to provide an engaging review of a car no one will buy! #legend

  • Kevin Cruz
    Kevin Cruz12 timmar sedan

    At this point I'm ready to unsubscribe because you appear to be artificially inflating the lengths of these videos by being mystified at the stupidest shit, like a shift boot button snap.

  • David Rumming
    David Rumming12 timmar sedan

    As a Brit I feel I must apologise on behalf of Italy. We tried to stop the multipla getting over the pond, but looks like one got thru😀 I wonder why they didn’t put a vertical parking brake by the gear shifter? Another car with all the instruments in the middle was the first & 2nd gen Toyota Yaris. The only element of the multipla I would like on my Honda jazz (you know it as the Honda Fit) is the extra side mirror extension.

  • Mark Vargas
    Mark Vargas12 timmar sedan

    Revs Institute in Naples, Florida has a fully restored 1960 Fiat Multipla.

  • Khavvie
    Khavvie12 timmar sedan

    I sometimes see these on the roads in the UK.

  • David Bernardin
    David Bernardin12 timmar sedan

    One word “TRASH”

  • phikin
    phikin13 timmar sedan

    There is actually a promo video game called multispy for this car. Remember playing as a child and it was actually pretty good

  • Panagiotis F
    Panagiotis F13 timmar sedan

    Car looks filthy

  • Hamed Emine
    Hamed Emine13 timmar sedan

    Exterior: What the hell... Interior: What the hell...

  • Najeeb Shah
    Najeeb Shah13 timmar sedan

    Say *this* instead of zizzzz, never have i ever seen a bigger charisma blackhole

  • Binger2013
    Binger201314 timmar sedan

    The car is literally moving with a slight wave of doug’s hand

  • SavageGTalks
    SavageGTalks14 timmar sedan

    this uncle was married with my aunt until he got this car, then she wanted a divorce... I told her we all understands her decision.

  • Scuderia Grifoni
    Scuderia Grifoni14 timmar sedan

    A Fiat Multipla existed in the 60s, look it up. And it's in the MOMA too...

  • Abades
    Abades14 timmar sedan

    POontiac Aztek is ugly but this thing Won!!

  • Cooper
    Cooper14 timmar sedan

    this is the car from top gears (The Old People's Car) very interesting

  • Keith Duckett
    Keith Duckett14 timmar sedan

    I don't know if anyone has said this but the design brief for this car was that it must be the same length as a golf but hold six people and their luggage AND not be a one box minivan type thing that you see all over Asia. Met design brief brilliantly.

  • No Bull
    No Bull14 timmar sedan

    My Italian ex girlfriend’s father was driving this “thing”.. I found it horrible then, and I still find it horrible now. It’s the ugliest car ever made to me...

  • M N
    M N14 timmar sedan

    The gray door panel things look like hearing aids for the elderly

  • CroAirborne
    CroAirborne14 timmar sedan

    Finally Doug's outfit fits the car he is reviewing

  • Frenchie
    Frenchie14 timmar sedan

    Hey Doug, you know that Vilebrequin is trying to put 1000HP in one Multipla? @Vilebrequin

  • ahajejeje
    ahajejeje14 timmar sedan

    I have owned one for 3 years, late 2003 before restyling. It was the ugliest car that I ever had owned but also the best one. It was like you drive aquarium upside down. The side mirror's are the best of because of those smaller one for dead angles. Hi beams are like you have the day light in front of you just because they are so high up. I had diesel and I was punchy enough for that car. There was so many funny situations with multipla it would take all day to tell it. But the best one is that I sold it for 50 euros more that I paid it. Thanks Doug for this video, and I am so glad that you love it ina same way as I did. Quirky but great. Multipla the only real family car, all the rest are just vehicles.

  • Module 79L
    Module 79L15 timmar sedan

    It's probably the only Multipla in the States and the museum couldn't get hold of a LHD one? If I was italian I'd be pissed off to no end. I'm not but I'm still pissed off anyway!

  • albertrand71
    albertrand7115 timmar sedan

    This car offends me

  • Lance Larson
    Lance Larson15 timmar sedan

    Looks like a Bedford

  • Titmouse Distribution YBGA
    Titmouse Distribution YBGA15 timmar sedan

    Despite the fact that the Multipla looks like a spaceship with upholstery that's the same colour as a Nintendo GameCube, I think it's the perfect car for young petrolheads who want their first car to be as practical as can be. I even want one myself as I've been in one before.

  • Mr
    Mr15 timmar sedan

    its cute! it is not too ugly.

  • Steve Wallace
    Steve Wallace15 timmar sedan

    We owned a Mulipla - it was a terrific family car. But is was controversial in its looks. When my wife drove ours to the Supermarket for the first time she returned to the car to discover someone had left a note under the windscreen wiper - the note said 'Idiot'. This is a wonderful car!

  • Martin Musílek
    Martin Musílek15 timmar sedan

    8:13 i think its more like a protection on parking lot to not damage doors of others

  • SouthTexasCollectables23 James
    SouthTexasCollectables23 James15 timmar sedan

    Quite the dusty knee you got there at 9:05

  • JC
    JC15 timmar sedan

    What the hell happened to your knees

  • Lotus Rose
    Lotus Rose15 timmar sedan

    Little did we know the multipla had a futuristic look!

  • HeVsuit
    HeVsuit16 timmar sedan

    My dad bought one of those back in the days, and we used to call it “hippo”... the worst part of the interior was the frigging plastics quality on the center panel and driving wheel! After 4 summers they turned sticky and gluey... yuck

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith16 timmar sedan

    Whenever I was depressed at how single I was, I would remind myself that there were people that didn't mind paying for and being seeing in one of these.

  • mannipulo
    mannipulo16 timmar sedan

    I bet every Multipla howner are happy, the Multipla is = funcionality and maximization of space.

  • Peter Timmermans
    Peter Timmermans16 timmar sedan

    Same car, also enthusiastic

  • Peter Timmermans
    Peter Timmermans16 timmar sedan

  • Don Kremer
    Don Kremer16 timmar sedan

    What's that Zagato Cars in Bits car?

  • JJS
    JJS16 timmar sedan

    DILFY Doug

  • Giovanni Guaitini
    Giovanni Guaitini16 timmar sedan

    It's my true love! I owned two: the second still running hopefully forever!