The Ferrari FF Is a $100,000 Family Car Bargain


Ferrari FF review! The Ferrari FF is a supercar that can also be a family car -- and it's a bargain compared to its original price. Today I'm reviewing the FF, and I'll go over the quirks and features of this unusual Ferrari. I'm also going to drive the Ferrari FF and review the driving experience on the road.


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  • Filipe Ribeiro Ferro
    Filipe Ribeiro FerroDag sedan

    ... and it is a Pininfarina bodystyle...

  • Professor B
    Professor B3 dagar sedan

    such a waste of money, even if this was bargain with these features from Chrysler and no room at the back plus the fact u gonna pay for extra parts, waste of money better buy a Supra or a Subaru lol

  • Emmett Brewer
    Emmett Brewer5 dagar sedan

    saw someone driving a blue one in the virgin islands of all places

  • Martin Kirik
    Martin Kirik5 dagar sedan

    The Z3 for the rich.

  • Max W
    Max W5 dagar sedan

    I just Love the FF. Reminds me of the Z3 Coupé

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström5 dagar sedan

    Doug fails to explain the dog symbol below the speedometer :O

  • Chad Pezza
    Chad Pezza7 dagar sedan

    Me neighbor had one and blew his transmission just trying to drive out of his driveway

  • Kojirou
    Kojirou9 dagar sedan

    When I saw the Ferrari FF I could hardly believe my eyes. I fell in love right away, something very small was missing from it that I can’t mention to this day, what then, and then Lusso came out. Ferrari FF: 10 / 9.8 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso: 10/10 Lusso has everything I was looking for in a real sports car. - practical - not conspicuous, like a stealth, but beautiful - fast - simple and transparent inside. I don't want a spaceship .... - AND THE MAIN THING: don't just be 2 people. If I go on vacation, I should be cool not only for my girlfriend .... but for her parents as well. XD Seriously. XD If I go on vacation, but for the evening party you need things from the store, which one is better: a) you go with a standard pickup b) or you go with 4seats Ferrari... ups sorry: 4 seats + big cargo Ferrari. ;) So you understand. ;)

  • gangster sly overhang
    gangster sly overhang11 dagar sedan

    I love the sound of the engine

  • Benjamin Karam
    Benjamin Karam11 dagar sedan

    Damn what kind of dogs do they have?

  • EaZyDaDoN
    EaZyDaDoN11 dagar sedan

    You should do more used cars bargain videos

  • Evgeniy Perekhod
    Evgeniy Perekhod12 dagar sedan

    The exhaust is amazing!

  • 85Connor
    85Connor17 dagar sedan

    I live in Wisconsin, and saw one of these driving around in 4 inches of snow in February. It was crazy to see.

  • Rachzief Eka Putra
    Rachzief Eka Putra18 dagar sedan

    I usually called the car as Ferarri Free Fire.

  • Chris T
    Chris T20 dagar sedan

    It's interesting to see that either Ferrari dove into BMW parts bin for that seat belt presenting arm or they straight ripped of BMW as that's the exact same part in my 2007 3 series.

  • Watson 98
    Watson 9820 dagar sedan

    6:57 no fart? Come on Doug

  • Dimitris Drouzas
    Dimitris Drouzas20 dagar sedan

    It's not a hatchback Doug... it's a shooting brake...

  • AL Matatov
    AL Matatov20 dagar sedan

    The most ugliest Ferrari ever!!!

  • John Henry Dale
    John Henry Dale21 dag sedan

    Doug the type of guy to do the white man’s overbite when he shifts into 3rd

  • anthony howd
    anthony howd22 dagar sedan

    I like the styling. So does Charles Leclerc, the f1 driver. He has one as a daily driver. It looks "similar" to my wife's 2019 mazda3 hatchback.

  • Mukhendhu Marshan A
    Mukhendhu Marshan A23 dagar sedan

    21:11 You know Doug likes a car when he excuses himself to floor it.

  • B Muns
    B Muns23 dagar sedan

    I was getting the DSG serviced at my favorite mechanic down in Huntington Beach. It’s a business park with lots of aftermarket mechanics. Next door is a McClaren mechanic but they were also servicing either an FF or GTC4Lusso. That car is insanely crazy. It’s a much more gigantic car than you think. I was really weirded out by its gigantic size. That’s a huge car.

  • Wojciech Piec
    Wojciech Piec23 dagar sedan

    Diagram in ~ 6:22 - there under can be screw which opens the trunk when all other ways failed

  • Christopher Hutt
    Christopher Hutt24 dagar sedan

    Why does Doug always say Tachometer to the RPM Display? Is this the English way? Because it is a little bit confusing as we Germans say "Tacho" to the speed Gauge..

  • StonedTroutBum
    StonedTroutBum26 dagar sedan

    is there a lift kit for this?

  • Rodney J Weltham
    Rodney J Weltham28 dagar sedan

    ...Doug...22:14 One of these days, you're gonna choke on that tongue...and then you'd be 'FF'd' heh heh heh

  • APiece0fToast69
    APiece0fToast69Månad sedan

    I literally choked on laughter at that nav unit XD

  • Eli Solomon
    Eli SolomonMånad sedan

    Shouldn't the plates on those cars be pixelated? While you didn't name the owners during the video, you may as well have. Otherwise, thank you Doug. I love your content.

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1Månad sedan

    I have always liked this body, i'd love to find a dead V12/trans and do a swap with something more reliable. maybe a turbo 4 banger, an LT, or maybe a coyote

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1Månad sedan

    I want to buy one of these, just to have the licence plate "Jeff FF"

  • Bryan De La Torre
    Bryan De La TorreMånad sedan


  • Billy Badass
    Billy BadassMånad sedan


  • Memphis Furman
    Memphis FurmanMånad sedan

    I don't consider any two door car to be a family car

  • Memphis Furman
    Memphis FurmanMånad sedan

    In California this doesn't surprise me in the slightly

  • The Frog
    The FrogMånad sedan

    I just watched your video of the GTC4 Lusso and was about to ask what's the difference and then I reached the moment of the explanation. A bit disappointed you did not go in the cargo area this time 😁

  • D Y
    D YMånad sedan

    $100k???? Super bargain. For that money, you get a new Honda Civic in my country 😂🤣

    RUSHPLAY RULERMånad sedan

    Me:Coughs in bmw m5

  • Gaurav Kriti
    Gaurav KritiMånad sedan

    Do model s plaid

  • Farrell Vaughan
    Farrell VaughanMånad sedan

    The Ferrari M Coupe?

  • A sami rahiab
    A sami rahiabMånad sedan

    I love this car FF means Fire Fast

  • Mtnbound
    MtnboundMånad sedan

    screw the famliy car jargon, this is a touring car!

  • Larry Smolic
    Larry SmolicMånad sedan

    $100,000 bargain in the USA, $270,000 not so bargain in Australia...

  • Obi Dean
    Obi DeanMånad sedan

    I think I heard word "bargain" more in this video than his Suzuki Swift review. It's ridiculous 🤣

  • willyR
    willyRMånad sedan

    Why dose this guy sound like oh from home

  • dixant adhi
    dixant adhiMånad sedan

    why does he remind me of CHANDLER BING ?

  • 紺野勇気
    紺野勇気Månad sedan

    Hey it's just a little more than a fully loaded F350 diesel LOL.

  • Hojoz
    HojozMånad sedan

    Ferrari shoe

  • MakeNoMistake_MyNameIsJeff
    MakeNoMistake_MyNameIsJeffMånad sedan

    Except it's... Not a family car

  • Just that nigga
    Just that niggaMånad sedan

    So the back of a suv and the front of a sports car 😅

  • Gorilla UMP
    Gorilla UMPMånad sedan

    That is not a family car in any form or fashion!

  • Raul J&V
    Raul J&VMånad sedan

    It's beatiful

  • Greg Souther
    Greg SoutherMånad sedan

    I thought they were ugly in person, it's even worse on video!

  • Erik Saulkalns
    Erik SaulkalnsMånad sedan

    And now go back and watch Chris Harris' review of the FF

  • CarreraGT
    CarreraGTMånad sedan

    It has the perfect interior

  • MTC Motorsports
    MTC MotorsportsMånad sedan

    I mean 100k isnt bad for a ferrari

  • Jermelle Thompson
    Jermelle ThompsonMånad sedan

    this car is sooooo sweet! all around gloriousness. i would be getting groceries all the time, just to irk folks with that lovely exhaust howl. he didn't mention Cruise Control....I would like the adaptive type, but a basic system would be nice.

  • RickJ
    RickJMånad sedan

    Since FCA (Fiat-Chrysler) merger with PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) in January 2021 ... parts might come from anywhere, including Rwanda-Burundi. Fiat, shortly after acquiring majority stake in Chrysler (in 2014) spun off Ferrari. Ferrari is now publicly owned company (since 2015), registered in Holland, with manufacturing facilities still at Maranello

  • Deep State
    Deep StateMånad sedan

    That's the Drake one

  • Grace and Truth
    Grace and TruthMånad sedan

    Not an attractive car!

  • Brainwashing Detergent
    Brainwashing DetergentMånad sedan

    I need this car!

  • Matt Henderson
    Matt HendersonMånad sedan

    I thought about getting one of these recently but ended up going for the GTC4Lusso instead. They've already depreciated 40%+, so I'm exposing myself to more future depreciation, but the Lussos are five years newer, still have manufacturer warranty, etc. I felt the probability of several extra years of reliable driving was worth it. Great GT car for family weekend trips. No dogs, but it's taken rubbish to the recycling center.

  • Joel Aquino
    Joel AquinoMånad sedan

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  • tvrduude
    tvrduudeMånad sedan

    I think I saw this exact car in front of me while I went into California Speedway this past Sunday!

  • Brian Hoefer
    Brian HoeferMånad sedan

    6:20 likely the manual release in case you get stuffed in the trunk dumbass.

  • Brian Hoefer
    Brian HoeferMånad sedan

    5:36 My Black Lab would appreciate the extra room with the fold down rear seats.

  • Gretchen Burns
    Gretchen BurnsMånad sedan

    22:19 when Doug turns into the devil for a second

  • Gretchen Burns
    Gretchen BurnsMånad sedan

    Doug’s face gets more quirks and features with every year

  • C. L. Bolen
    C. L. BolenMånad sedan

    So five years hence it will be $50,000. So ten years hence it will be $25.000. But oil changes still cost $1,500.

  • M4rcin
    M4rcinMånad sedan

    Bargain to buy maybe. How about maintaining it? I can bet its as far from bargain as it could.

  • Will C
    Will CMånad sedan

    It will feel like a bargain until the “Ferrari Maintenance Factor” kicks in.

  • Luka Vukovic
    Luka VukovicMånad sedan

    Well, if your prayers work and it doesnt break (its still expensive to service it but its doable if you have 100k for it I guess) its really the most special way to get your kids to school and to floor it somewhere to listen to this glorious sound

  • Rob M
    Rob MMånad sedan

    Doug questions the long term dependability of the car and then wails on it anyway. God its great driving other people's cars LOL!!!

  • Rob M
    Rob MMånad sedan

    6:21, is that logo there because it indicates the emergency release for the hatch?

  • Rob M
    Rob MMånad sedan

    Its a bargain until the first time you bring it in for a major service. Then you have to tell the kids to pay for their own college education Doug : )

    MARTIN_VKMånad sedan

    Those seat belts "extenders" are exact the same as E92 on bmw which with the time almost never work haha

  • Ian Gray
    Ian GrayMånad sedan

    Does this body style not qualify as a "shooting brake" ? I think of the Volvo 1800ES with a similar 2-door wagon with a hatch back.

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony ValdezMånad sedan

    100.000 To get this model? Its - very - cheap on Ferrari price tags also it have 6.3L V12!!!!

  • saiine
    saiineMånad sedan

    Hah, saw this Ferrari around Sorrento Valley a few weeks back. Wonder if that was you. You were right by my favorite coffee shop, Zumbar in this video. :) When are we getting the Model S Plaid review!

  • Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria
    Juan Pablo Correia EcheverriaMånad sedan

    It’s not a family car. This is Ferrari’s idea of an entry-level hatchback.

  • Tony Valdez

    Tony Valdez

    Månad sedan

    2 seats check Big trunk check V12 check 300Km+ top speed check AWD check What more you need?:)

  • Keyate Cephus
    Keyate CephusMånad sedan

    I love it I just bought the same car it's my only super car since I hate the usual Ferrari you get pulled over too much but the FF is okay & it's different I love being different

  • Geoffrey Deibel
    Geoffrey DeibelMånad sedan

    What a weird car! Some of those features are hilarious.

  • IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666
    IF YOU’RE 555 THEN I’M 666Månad sedan

    20:31 ;)

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.Månad sedan

    Ferrari F.F and the Ferrari GTC4:Lusso are the family/grocery car to get..

  • Zac Mich
    Zac MichMånad sedan

    5:36 Ths kind of opening can get you killed in a crash, when the luggage shoots upfront to your head. 23:10 Doug, a 4-dood car will never have the structural strength of a 2-door one, handling would be worse.

  • MS
    MSMånad sedan

    I think it will turn into future classic and then the price goes up again.

  • GG Live
    GG LiveMånad sedan

    Some plastic parts are awfully similar to my old Fiat Punto ones

  • Kidsinamerica
    KidsinamericaMånad sedan

    I'm leery of people who say "it's a bargain!" but won't commit any of their own money to buy one....

  • Herr Unsinn
    Herr UnsinnMånad sedan

    How did you get through the entire video, Doug, without mentioning the term "Shooting Brake"?

  • tgafire87
    tgafire87Månad sedan

    Those people have great taste in cars. We need to bring wagons back!

  • 眩暈夢
    眩暈夢Månad sedan

    Precursor to the Roma?

  • Aman
    AmanMånad sedan

    Doug be 7’5” and be like “No room in the back seats, no Normal human would be able to fit here” 🤣

  • Aman
    AmanMånad sedan

    Man if I only had 100k to spend on a car would i spend it on a Ferrari hatchback ? Nah. Not a chance. I’d buy a proper Ferrari.

  • Unknown
    UnknownMånad sedan

    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind having an easy to use, super familiar infotainment if I had this car

  • mauri zarate
    mauri zarateMånad sedan

    The left africa lately mend because british ophthalmoscopically realise amidst a classy season. mute, whimsical stopwatch

  • G S
    G SMånad sedan


  • Blackmamba 66
    Blackmamba 66Månad sedan

    The 'FF' in the Ferrari FF stands for 'family friendly'.

  • Ahmed Kamal Hasin
    Ahmed Kamal HasinMånad sedan

    Has no one noticed that Doug was talking a lot slower and calmer in this than in his other videos? He also seemed like he went over the features a little too much considering a lot of the other Ferrari models he's reviewed have them in common. Felt a bit weird to watch this one.

  • LMacNeill
    LMacNeillMånad sedan

    Man, there is NOTHING else that sounds like a Ferrari V-12. That is a completely unique, and totally incredible sound!

  • sLim_krakow
    sLim_krakowMånad sedan

    This looks like a BMW 1 Series, which is not a compliment. ;)

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn MasseyMånad sedan

    The elastic jogging demographically whisper because locket resultspreviously plan abaft a yummy noodle. fretful, careful revolve