The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Is a Quirky, Futuristic Electric SUV


Hyundai Ioniq 5 review!! The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 is coming out, and today I'm taking you on a thorough tour of the quirks and features! I'm going to show you around the Ioniq 5 and show you all the unusual features -- and it's certainly a quirky crossover.


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  • stillak
    stillak5 timmar sedan

    That's cute, when are you going to review the Plaid?

  • Luis Mijango
    Luis Mijango9 timmar sedan

    idk whos quirkier, the car or Doug haha

  • Luis Mijango
    Luis Mijango9 timmar sedan

    love the looks

  • zuppa zone
    zuppa zone16 timmar sedan

    9:03 a table? have you tried put your laptop on that arm rest? there is no way you could use that as a table for a laptop with screen open, and it's not high enough.

  • wipdeck
    wipdeckDag sedan

    Make all Hyundai logos pixelated!

  • ron bZoom
    ron bZoomDag sedan

    Pretty cool. My only concern is how future proof this tech is. Say 5 years for now, is this tech going to be frightfully out of date or faulty?

  • Janosch Kladenz
    Janosch KladenzDag sedan

    unbelievable. i never thougth that i say this about a frikkin hyundai, but... by FAR the most intresting/beautiful crossover you would get in near future... not comparable with all those other superugly crossovers like mach-e, id or model y, the most crossovers look so... fugly/unsporty/unesthetic. ioniq 5 has a design which blew my mind when i saw it first.... i was thinking its a prototype you never could buy or something. definately ne next car i want to testdrive :D

  • The Sleepless Knights Gaming
    The Sleepless Knights GamingDag sedan

    Other EVs don’t have start buttons? Isn’t it only one manufacturer which doesn’t do the start button thing?

  • Krampus
    Krampus2 dagar sedan

    This car is going to be a very tough competitor for Teslas, style is right, tech is right, power there's plenty of it... Very nice work from Hyundai

  • Peter I.
    Peter I.2 dagar sedan

    Wait a minute, did Doug use a magnet... to test out the magnet?

  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese2 dagar sedan

    Those forward/back buttons are going to end up pressed in your pocket, rolling the car into the street or your neighbor's house

  • Nels Potts
    Nels Potts2 dagar sedan

    Time to switch to decaf.

  • Mark L
    Mark L3 dagar sedan

    Nice ride. Hitting a key fob to unlock the door is so 30 years ago and the door button is so 10 years ago. My 2018 MDX HYBRID automatically locks when I walk away. No buttons, no fob. It beeps when I’m about 6’ft away and again after a few more steps to confirm locking. The idea of hitting any button to lock a car in 2022 is unfortunate. The simplicity is not under appreciated until one experiences it similar to cap-less fuel filling for petrol cars.

  • taltigolt
    taltigolt3 dagar sedan

    i love the design and style of this car it even looks better than the tesla

  • gcm747
    gcm7473 dagar sedan

    Good for you if you can park in a tight spot remotely. Not good for you is when the driver from one of the cars you parked next to returns and slams your body panels trying to get into their car.

  • Couchracer660
    Couchracer6603 dagar sedan

    THIS REALLY NEAT CAR IS not from cnc...................AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS.........

  • thomas beltran
    thomas beltran3 dagar sedan


  • Dragos BMW
    Dragos BMW3 dagar sedan

    15/10 for the exterior design

  • imaginarytube
    imaginarytube3 dagar sedan

    Well-done, Hyundai!

  • Paco
    Paco3 dagar sedan

    The design reminds me a mix of Dodge Omni / Playmouth-Talbot Horizon and a Lancia Delta

  • Mike Repluk
    Mike Repluk3 dagar sedan

    Anything Hyundai touches sucks

  • Nick Phoenix
    Nick Phoenix4 dagar sedan

    Doug the type of guy to charge his laptop with the accessory in his garage.

  • Rusty Toenail
    Rusty Toenail4 dagar sedan

    8:30 nah that shits for some good road head

  • Questions Answers
    Questions Answers4 dagar sedan

    That’s one ugly SUV.

  • Anthony Donov
    Anthony Donov4 dagar sedan

    this is not suv range rover and escalade are have 4x4 offroad onroad suv's this is large hatchback

  • NissanHeadAss -
    NissanHeadAss -4 dagar sedan

    I thought at first it said Onion on the back

  • colin twyning
    colin twyning5 dagar sedan

    The magnetic pad is not really meant for "notes"!! it must be for phones. You can buy stick on steel/magnetic discs for phones. Great place to put your phone. Come on Doug use your imagination, what looks like a quirk is a well thought out design.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force5 dagar sedan

    The model Y looks like a block of wood compared to this

  • Xavi Chuvy
    Xavi Chuvy5 dagar sedan

    Such a cool-looking car. First electric car I'd consider buying.

  • Bill Andersen
    Bill Andersen6 dagar sedan

    5:49 - Doug's tongue is quite long. Never noticed before.

  • DefyYourLogic
    DefyYourLogic6 dagar sedan

    This design looks like how someone in 2000 would imagine a 2022 car to look like.

  • Bourne Zack
    Bourne Zack6 dagar sedan

    1st quirk should be the drawer like glovebox!

  • Donald Escobar
    Donald Escobar6 dagar sedan

    7:09 - this audio clip is from a South Indian Song called 'Chinna Thamarai' by Vijay Anthony Link to the song -

  • Erick Laser
    Erick Laser6 dagar sedan

    i wanna see this in black...there's so many tesla 3 out there now so i'd buy this and be different.

  • Nitin Anand
    Nitin Anand6 dagar sedan

    Doug thinks that the reason magnets stick to refrigerators is that they're magnetized.

  • Wonder Reef
    Wonder Reef6 dagar sedan

    They cut the fender with the door seem. Hate it when they do that.

  • Jus Phone
    Jus Phone7 dagar sedan

    Do retro looking. Love it

  • Gabe Goffin
    Gabe Goffin7 dagar sedan

    Happy it looks like a hatchback

  • Gabe Goffin
    Gabe Goffin7 dagar sedan

    Love it, this car is awesome. The inside seems like there will be a lot of fingerprints though

  • Michael C
    Michael C7 dagar sedan

    There's a few upcoming cars that I'm genuinely super excited for, but this is just about topping the list so far. Can't quite decide if this will be my next car, or if I'll go gas one more time with an ecoboost Maverick

  • Trevor M
    Trevor M7 dagar sedan

    what is he talking about - most cars allow your seats to lay back..?

  • warren cho
    warren cho7 dagar sedan

    Just got back from Seoul. The Ioniq 5 looks great and it looks better in person. When I first saw one on the road, I was wondering when Hyundai had made an old school hatchback from 15-20 years ago. And being a huge fan of the Lancia Delta and Peugeot 205 from the 1980s, I was immediately drawn to it. Shocked and happy to find out it was a new car! Love the angles and retro look. Those 20” retro wheels are a must buy as well (I’ve seen models with standard wheels as comparison) Put my deposit down on the Hyundai website as soon as I got back.

  • Soliloquist Jimmy
    Soliloquist Jimmy7 dagar sedan

    Can you do a better job showing the car in thw beginning

  • Zach 58
    Zach 587 dagar sedan

    Say pixel one more time I dare you

  • Aubrey Tillett
    Aubrey Tillett7 dagar sedan

    14:55 "No ugly protruding door handles." I will inform you its much easier to use those.

  • Aubrey Tillett

    Aubrey Tillett

    7 dagar sedan

    I can already hear the screams of children getting their fingers crushed by that

  • Aubrey Tillett
    Aubrey Tillett7 dagar sedan

    Lemme guess 50,000 just for it. 🙄

  • 조운
    조운7 dagar sedan

    futuristic and retro, N line is over 500hp, amazing.

  • crybabyteamo
    crybabyteamo7 dagar sedan

    Seriously no one is saying this looks like an Audi A3/Q3?

  • Financierpro
    Financierpro8 dagar sedan

    I gotta have this

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime8 dagar sedan

    Biger wheelbase then Audi A8

  • Charles Provencher
    Charles Provencher8 dagar sedan

    That car looks so good, if it is reliable, it might just be my next one.

  • 조운


    7 dagar sedan

    Ev is almost reliable, simple structure, moter and battery that's all.

  • Aj j
    Aj j9 dagar sedan

    If "The video is good but the narrator is so damn annoying" was a person. This man said pixel so many times I almost stopped watching.

  • christian gasparo
    christian gasparo9 dagar sedan

    When I get my cybertruck I will climb all over these like squeezing pimples

  • Armando Armenta
    Armando Armenta9 dagar sedan

    I love Hyundai and Kia but I hate how they put both screens together but there’s a gap why not fill that in with screen it’s gonna cost more but I’d rather have a whole entire screen then two

  • amy green
    amy green9 dagar sedan

    Magnet area would be great for a phone holder.

  • J Z
    J Z9 dagar sedan

    basically a Mercedes lite lol cool dash

  • Zach Childs
    Zach Childs9 dagar sedan

    It’s crazy how far we came and now a lot of the cars company’s make now look like actual concept cars

  • 디노 Dino
    디노 Dino9 dagar sedan

    I live in south Korea and I drove ioniq5. I liked that.

  • S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
    S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing10 dagar sedan

    Looks like a futuristic version of a Audi sport quattro

  • Jonathan Swadling
    Jonathan Swadling10 dagar sedan

    Love the RNZAF logo tee. Got my AWD Limited of these on order here in New Zealand

  • Robert Reed
    Robert Reed10 dagar sedan

    I'm intensely interested in what the "Snowy Village" sound was like. Also, I wonder if that huge sunroof blocks UV light?

  • Christian Kind
    Christian Kind10 dagar sedan

    Challenge (it has been said before, I know): Take a shot every time Doug mentions either "pixels" or "quirks". ...don't drink and drive! Lovely car!

  • Pieter
    Pieter12 dagar sedan

    QUIRKYYYYYYYyyyy retro future car

  • Abdulrahman Alfahmi
    Abdulrahman Alfahmi12 dagar sedan

    I really like the what i would call as "the built-in phone holder that looks really handy to just stick your phone on it!

  • God
    God12 dagar sedan

    I just hope the lights won’t cost a fortune to fix

  • James Jung
    James Jung12 dagar sedan

    This is the future

  • Drinkyoghurt
    Drinkyoghurt13 dagar sedan

    I saw this IRL recently and it looked so cool.

  • TigerChamp 99
    TigerChamp 9913 dagar sedan

    2:36 Similar to Big Hero 6

  • Riley Mosson
    Riley Mosson13 dagar sedan

    I think the magnetic spot is for magnetic phone mounts

  • Knalpot Bangjago
    Knalpot Bangjago14 dagar sedan

    That movable center console itself would be enough to be a reason why I should buy this car (If you know what I mean 😏)

  • GenericSneeze55
    GenericSneeze5514 dagar sedan

    I think the interior looks kinda awfull. The display looks like two old iphone's or two i pads. The whole inside looks like something made in 2014. The steering wheel is not for me either. Its a shame. This is such a cool car on the outside and hp wise.

  • Matthew Standridge

    Matthew Standridge

    12 dagar sedan

    the whole car is kind of ugly tbh

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith14 dagar sedan

    Doug you missed a design element. While you talked about the wheel arches with the lines in them, if you look at the Rims, they mimic the lines in the wheel arches. Makes an interesting tie in with the rims and the wheel arches.

  • Johnny Yang
    Johnny Yang15 dagar sedan

    Magnet is for phone

  • Sachin Sethi
    Sachin Sethi15 dagar sedan

    I thought it was eye on eek

  • dblissmn
    dblissmn16 dagar sedan

    It's reminiscent of an Austin Princess, the ADO71 version from the late 1970s, albeit appropriately modernized with shorter overhangs, bigger wheels, a slightly wider body and a less rakish rear end. And of course the Princess was a sedan, due to a last minute bout of British Leyland cost-cutting (too cheap to strengthen the rear end of the car sufficiently for the hatch); this has a hatch tailgate like it should have.

  • Jason Ablah
    Jason Ablah16 dagar sedan

    These all look like futuristic cars from an 80s movie. I get aerodynamics is largely at play but modern cars all look the same.

  • Steven Yanni
    Steven Yanni16 dagar sedan

    This car is so cyberpunk, probably achieving this in a better way than the cyber truck

  • Dustin Trombly
    Dustin Trombly16 dagar sedan

    This looks so, so nice. Models like this will even-further kickstart the mass market transition to EVs.

  • OgTortoise X
    OgTortoise X16 dagar sedan

    I really love the retro look to the headlights and tail lights. I'm loving m STI but been eyeing electric vehicles. Idk....not a full fan of the body lines on this one and the rear's top is too sloped for my liking....but I'm keeping my eye on this one.

  • Chris Winfield
    Chris Winfield17 dagar sedan

    i like the remote forward and back.... but in my avalon ive accidentally popped my truck a few times with keys in my pocket... hopefully theres a short range verification

  • Chris Winfield
    Chris Winfield17 dagar sedan

    talk about a car thats still being tweaked , and fuss about little stuff thats still gonna be done.... do you really think there will be no logos? also probably gonna be a kia version so you got the basic placeholder

  • Vankeyboy
    Vankeyboy17 dagar sedan

    Honestly, better looking than Model Y.

  • 87 Teggy
    87 Teggy17 dagar sedan

    Isn't the magnet pad intended for your phone?

  • Isaac24
    Isaac2417 dagar sedan

    God it's hideous.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo18 dagar sedan

    Isn't calling it a "compact crossover" redundant?

  • Ojas Thakur

    Ojas Thakur

    15 dagar sedan

    "Crossover" means a crossover between a body-on-frame SUV and a unibody car. The result of which is a car with an SUV appearance but with a unibody design. There are different sizes to crossovers, like a Toyota C-HR would be sub-compact, RAV4 compact, Highlander midsize, and something like a Hyundai Palisade or Kia Telluride would be full-size. The 4Runner, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser count as regular SUVs because they use a body-on-frame architecture.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo18 dagar sedan

    It looks like an Audi from the side, and just ugly from both front and back

  • M3 Photo
    M3 Photo18 dagar sedan

    Every time I see a screen in front of the driver’s field of view I ask how can I dim it as far as I want to? If it’s white, I cringe. Winter and night time driving would be very tiring with something like this right in your eyes all the time.

  • I know I'm stupid but

    I know I'm stupid but

    10 dagar sedan

    Hopefully there's a dark mode for it

  • Anonymous Hypersphere
    Anonymous Hypersphere18 dagar sedan


  • Tony Arc
    Tony Arc18 dagar sedan

    Ill take my Town Car

  • Lonnie Beal
    Lonnie Beal18 dagar sedan

    Hmm, just found out nothing in the batteries is recyclable...corrupt news won't tell us things that go against the narrative. But I still like the Cat series we will never see.

  • Douchepickle
    Douchepickle18 dagar sedan

    thats no suv

  • kookycookie
    kookycookie18 dagar sedan

    Since when is a reclining driver seat a feature???

  • Tamara Bartolo
    Tamara Bartolo18 dagar sedan

    I want this car!!!!!

  • J. T
    J. T18 dagar sedan

    I don't buy Asian cars. They are of poor quality and bad designs. They rarely last 50k miles. Buy American!

  • World Peace
    World Peace18 dagar sedan

    Make sure to check out *inhales* CAAAARS AND BIDSSS

  • Jim HGo
    Jim HGo19 dagar sedan

    If you're connecting a magnet to the Left side of the dashboard, doesn't that mean it's just metal? If you could place a paperclip (that's not a magnet) on the dash and it sticks, the dash is magnetized. No?... 🤷

  • blueyeswhiteclaw
    blueyeswhiteclaw19 dagar sedan

    That might be the best looking car I've seen since the lancia delta integrale

  • J. B
    J. B19 dagar sedan


  • michel khairallah
    michel khairallah19 dagar sedan

    The only unusual is your shorts loool

  • Khurram Chaudhry
    Khurram Chaudhry20 dagar sedan

    What is wrong with American Cars? Do they not have seats which lay back? Every car I've ever driven in my life has this feature. Disappointed with the beach ball demo... that feature allows you to charge another EV car. Why would it have to be a cross over? Its obviously a hatchback. It has 5 doors and low ground clearance.