The 2022 Ford Maverick Is a City-Friendly Small Pickup Truck


  • TheCeilingFanCollectorHD
    TheCeilingFanCollectorHD49 minuter sedan

    I never knew Ford made a hybrid Honda Ridgeline!!!

  • K M
    K M5 timmar sedan

    If it had a 6ft I'd order it right away

  • Leonardo Morales
    Leonardo Morales15 timmar sedan

    I always thought Mavericks were a car not a truck.

  • Vicente Talamantez
    Vicente Talamantez15 timmar sedan

    One thing I noticed in the backseat is the speakers are right where your head is so probably if someone has music blasting the speakers in the back will probably hurt your ears a little unless they have them adjusted where it doesn't

  • Jerry Bailey
    Jerry Bailey17 timmar sedan

    Wasn't the Maverick a car years ago?

  • wolfrig2000
    wolfrig200018 timmar sedan

    I'm ordering mine in a first edition Lariat next week

  • Aa Voltz
    Aa Voltz18 timmar sedan

    It would have been nice to see more of a view behind the back seat. It was kept just barely out of view :(

  • Captivate29307
    Captivate2930719 timmar sedan

    Anyone know what the yellow/green small SUV is in the beginning of the video?

  • JR Villablanca de Mendoza
    JR Villablanca de Mendoza23 timmar sedan

    I like how your face changes when you say "Built Ford Tough"

  • T436
    T436Dag sedan

    If it doesn't come with a Maverick 88, I don't want it.

  • sams party
    sams partyDag sedan

    Ford has sold out to the Forced Vaccine - Pro Biden minority ! Just wrapped a Ford commercial, and they are forcing everyone on set to wear masks in 90° weather. Literally for no reason! Masks are no longer mandated in the state or city where we filmed. Unbelievable ... don’t support this pro Fraudci / Plandemic company ! #fuckford #fraudci #pneumoniamasks

  • Edward 4513
    Edward 4513Dag sedan

    When is fo sale in USA??


    Bro..u gotta stop sayin brawny

  • Brandon L
    Brandon LDag sedan

    Engine bay looks like someone dumped a bag of hoses and wires in there.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill SmithDag sedan

    Looks like everything else out there..

  • Here for The comment section
    Here for The comment sectionDag sedan

    Lol city friendly? Thats a crime. Also a crime being a hybrid.

  • SuperSneakySniper
    SuperSneakySniperDag sedan

    20:40 yeah im glad the hybrid badges arent plastered everywhere around the truck... I absolutely hate that crap. "OoOOoO look at meEEe im DriVing a HyBRid". It's just as bad as putting a sticker on your car that says "500 hORsEpoWeR!" Like bruh i dont care.

  • BofaMahnuts
    BofaMahnuts2 dagar sedan

    I've hear "quirks and features" more in this vid than I did in the last 20 years

  • Alfredo Medina
    Alfredo Medina2 dagar sedan

    The Maverick looks small for a man as tall as Doug, but it would be perfect for me.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob2 dagar sedan

    It’s not a truck.

  • M. H. A.
    M. H. A.2 dagar sedan

    Mustang, bronco, maverick. How many horses name ford has?

  • M Meneses
    M Meneses2 dagar sedan

    I keep my Tacoma

  • justin gammon
    justin gammon2 dagar sedan

    300lbs on the tailgate isn’t a lot…. Should definitely be stronger. 2 people can’t even sit on it

  • Nolan Centers
    Nolan Centers2 dagar sedan

    I literally yelled out loud, "That's so fucking smart!" when he showed the credit card holder. hehe

  • David Groff
    David Groff2 dagar sedan

    Why does he remind me of Jay Leno

  • Charlie Roberts
    Charlie Roberts2 dagar sedan

    Definitely a cool looking truck with a very enticing price tag. I would definitely wait before buying a Maverick in the first or second model year since it's an all new truck and platform with a hybrid platform. The fact that these trucks are being assembled in Mexico doesn't inspire confidence that it will be built all that well.

  • Interstate 80
    Interstate 802 dagar sedan

    Make a regular cab version with a little longer bed like the small trucks used to be

  • kichansilva
    kichansilva2 dagar sedan

    This truck is for pillow biters

  • Lurking Arachnid
    Lurking Arachnid3 dagar sedan

    FYI: you get a rebate from the government when switching to a hybrid

  • Lurking Arachnid
    Lurking Arachnid3 dagar sedan

    Finding a small truck is hard AF

  • Interstate 80

    Interstate 80

    2 dagar sedan

    I found one for $1,950. Did a little work and it’s good to go. They’re out three

  • Buford Smrupple
    Buford Smrupple3 dagar sedan

    That's a lot of vehicle per $

  • Clinton Johnston
    Clinton Johnston3 dagar sedan

    The mavrick is a ute not a truck a truck has a removal bed that can be replaced with a unit that suits your requirements, a ute has a bed that is in integral to the vehicle with a unibody design.

  • Matt
    Matt3 dagar sedan

    Those orange accents are just *screaming* for stains

  • Feli T
    Feli T3 dagar sedan

    The new bronco transmission overheats and goes limp mode, I hope they fix this before maverick goes on sale.

  • Dk The Magikman
    Dk The Magikman3 dagar sedan

    @21:11 love the cameo from the GT40. Good move Doug

  • Alec Minnick
    Alec Minnick3 dagar sedan

    Appreciate what Ford is trying but I hate this thing. It's basically a car. The niche that needs filled is one that would be filled by an S10 or original Ranger - a small truck, yes, but an actual truck. Not a car with a bed. Not a hybrid. Not something so low and plasticky. Just a simple, small, body on frame truck.

  • Adipose Rex
    Adipose Rex3 dagar sedan

    I had the 1972 Ford Maverick. In red😍

  • Khing Khang
    Khing Khang3 dagar sedan

    Now is the time for Toyota to bring the Hilux to the US

  • Little Ton
    Little Ton3 dagar sedan

    I can now justify the "why do you need a truck?" questions from wife and "your truck could fit in the back of my truck" comments from friends if it accommodates family camping trips, picking up lumber and appliances, can fit in my garage , saves me 10-15k, and gets great gas mileage!

  • Gregory
    Gregory3 dagar sedan

    Rumors are that there have been test drives happening and that the media embargo on those events lifts on July 26th. Can you folks confirm that?

  • Jon Crowley
    Jon Crowley3 dagar sedan

    Looks great. "Maverick" makes me think of Sarah Palin though. Barf.

  • DefyYourLogic
    DefyYourLogic3 dagar sedan

    Considering here in AZ 99% of truck owners drive them like sedans, im sure this will sell great.

  • Jason Moline
    Jason Moline4 dagar sedan

    I think you forgot to mention that it gets 33 mpg Highway. I love the truck even with this fault but I wish it was mentioned as the common implication of Highway mpg is that it usually gets the same or more mpg then City, which would make the implied Highway mpg to be 40+ mpg which is more then then actual 33 mpg that the truck gets. it’s still a great truck though, just thought it be mentioned

  • Earthtoboom -
    Earthtoboom -4 dagar sedan

    Finally competition for a Honda ridge line

  • Chang Hanum
    Chang Hanum4 dagar sedan

    I would go with the santa cruz instead

  • Brian Huber Kornmaier
    Brian Huber Kornmaier4 dagar sedan

    A front wheel drive truck??

  • Felicity Ayala
    Felicity Ayala4 dagar sedan

    Ford definitely came out swinging this year Kinda like the truck and I’m actually considering getting one since it’s a Hybird

  • Jack xtal
    Jack xtal4 dagar sedan

    this would be perfect for the UK, why wont they sell it here :/

  • yungsal777
    yungsal7775 dagar sedan

    Nice tail gate can support 300 pounds ,now I can bring my gf around

  • Vehicular Assets
    Vehicular Assets5 dagar sedan

    Engine swap it with a Northstar V8

  • D Wood
    D Wood5 dagar sedan

    Practical for people who don't use a truck that much but still need one and refuse to pay $60,000 for a full size one. I had a 2011 XLT F150 Crew cab. Should have kept that truck but it was just too damn expensive to drive. I had it when gas was almost $5 a gallon.

  • Cesar Leyva
    Cesar Leyva5 dagar sedan

    Too much noise and nothing good Looking to buy but everybody wants yo leas Because they're not sure Ill hate see staring recalls on it after couple of mounts on the streets Soo sad

  • Harrison2610
    Harrison26105 dagar sedan

    A truck for city people and hipsters... I hate it, and it's gonna sell very well I'm sure. Reject modernity, embrace tradition

  • Luke Sylvester
    Luke Sylvester5 dagar sedan

    A plain 4 cylinder should have been an option

  • JjTheEditGod
    JjTheEditGod5 dagar sedan

    With the 2.0L engine, you can get AWD and a normal 8 speed auto transmission, as opposed to being forced to have a CVT and FWD. I'd 100% pay the extra for the non-hybrid engine to get actual truck function out of this vehicle lol. God, a CVT in a truck? Yikes on bikes.

  • Gigi
    Gigi5 dagar sedan

    Weird color weird panel, weird weird quirk quirk Ugh. Buying this truck regardless of your quirky, weird review.

  • lazytanks
    lazytanks5 dagar sedan

    You forgot about the bottle openers on the tailgate.

  • sinbige sinbige
    sinbige sinbige6 dagar sedan

    I actually want it.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon6 dagar sedan

    Ford abandoned the little truck market years ago when they stopped making small Rangers. Now they have returned and are acting like they have discovered a new continent.

  • Lee Iacoca
    Lee Iacoca6 dagar sedan

    9 inch! More than 30.000 Chrysler

  • Sierra Nevada
    Sierra Nevada6 dagar sedan

    Baidu car life ? Is this made in China 🤔

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez6 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the great review! Curious: how tall are you? Looking at those rear seats and this tall family.

  • Moo Butt
    Moo Butt6 dagar sedan

    Get rid of that ridiculous center console cockpit garbage so I can manspread in there and I’m all in.

  • Deep Pocket
    Deep Pocket6 dagar sedan

    The hole is for condoms, roach-clips, air-buds, tic-tacs, etc.

  • Deep Pocket
    Deep Pocket6 dagar sedan

    Just imagine the weekly recalls on this thing

  • TheMeanmarine13
    TheMeanmarine136 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of my dad's little 1987 4 cylinder ranger we had back in the day. It was such a fun little truck and we actually pulled a trailer with our lawn mowers on the back. It was a stick shift and had Mag wheels so it was kind of cool looking. Especially in the eighties when everything was kind of wacky looking.

  • ststst
    ststst6 dagar sedan

    The one thing that upsets me is that I know demand will be high and dealerships will jack up the price well above that $20k range

  • ststst


    4 dagar sedan

    @Dominic Dupuy it'll probably be like when the new Supra was unveiled. Dealers were charging $10-20,000 above asking price knowing the demand was there and richer people would pay.

  • Dominic Dupuy

    Dominic Dupuy

    4 dagar sedan

    Yea the destination cost alone is almost 1500 dollars. And that's before you start adding features.

  • Jonah Young
    Jonah Young6 dagar sedan

    This is 100% my dream vehicle. You get the versatility of a truck bed, great gas mileage, and a very affordable price. Amazing.

  • Bob G
    Bob G6 dagar sedan

    well...i was interested until i saw the interior. Why can't Ford get into the 21st century with it's interiors? I just can't figure that out. Still looks like the 90's

  • blacksf
    blacksf6 dagar sedan

    Holy cooling! Think they fit enough pipes in that engine bay?

  • Kevin McDuffie
    Kevin McDuffie6 dagar sedan

    Front wheel drive killed it!! Too much maintenance!!

  • Kevin McDuffie
    Kevin McDuffie6 dagar sedan

    Very much need when biden causes gas to go to $10 a litre!!

  • joshua folsom
    joshua folsom6 dagar sedan

    great surf vehicle

  • David Wilmot
    David Wilmot6 dagar sedan

    I'm actually glad to see the CC slot come back. Had one in my old Focus and thought it was so useless and ended up using it every single day. Already have our Maverick pre-ordered to match my bigger Ford.

  • Declan Flynn
    Declan Flynn6 dagar sedan

    I'd like one two door with a 6ft bed old skool

  • GT 7
    GT 77 dagar sedan

    9:33 wow it even includes flies

  • Ather Ahmed
    Ather Ahmed7 dagar sedan


  • Ron Forman
    Ron Forman7 dagar sedan

    This is Fords 1964 Mustang young and old people that do not have lots of money and fantastic economy and utility! Will sell like crazy! At least 300000!

  • Danehavenlane
    Danehavenlane7 dagar sedan

    Ranchero (maverick) imported from Mexico 🇲🇽 Hyundai santacruz built in America

  • Jacob Fisher
    Jacob Fisher7 dagar sedan

    I am a "younger funky buyer."

  • Doctor K Beauty
    Doctor K Beauty7 dagar sedan

    I am getting this 40 mpg 20k and roomy can't go wrong/ except hybrid doesn't offer awd??? wth ill be stuck in nyc snow storm in a 4x4 looking truck!!!!

  • charger master
    charger master7 dagar sedan

    Should have been called The Ford Ranchero not Maverick

  • Ahmed Abdelhamid
    Ahmed Abdelhamid7 dagar sedan

    Every time Doug says “built Ford tough” an angel loses its wings

    SHAWN COXXX7 dagar sedan

    It needs a rear window and sunroof

  • RicePimp9624
    RicePimp96248 dagar sedan

    They ruined the maverick.

  • chad Joice
    chad Joice8 dagar sedan

    Sport track is back and cheaper whaaaaat

  • Corvette
    Corvette8 dagar sedan

    1968 Mercury Cougar 1969 Dodge Charger 2008 Ford Crown Victoria

  • Corvette


    8 dagar sedan

    Mercury Cougar

  • MrChickenspit
    MrChickenspit8 dagar sedan

    The seats look pretty uncomfortable. Just like their ford expedition seats. They hurt your butt in long commutes

  • Mark Bean
    Mark Bean8 dagar sedan

    What will the mpg be with awd?

  • Alpzepta Anime
    Alpzepta Anime8 dagar sedan

    Ford Focus pickup truck. Nice one

  • frankpaul3204
    frankpaul32048 dagar sedan

    This is a pretty neat truck. 240hp is a lot compared to a lot of 4 cylinder trucks of the 90s and 2000s . This is a very practical truck for someone who can use the bed to move around stuff but don’t want a gas guzzler. The only thing is the interior looks cheap but for the price point it’s not too bad.

  • Bill ManagerBunson
    Bill ManagerBunson8 dagar sedan

    they killed sedans and hatches to just drop a truck body on it

  • Umberto Van Staden
    Umberto Van Staden9 dagar sedan

    It's rather sad looking 😆

  • J Z
    J Z9 dagar sedan

    when ford tries to pull millennials and gen z into trucks lol this happens. btw I am gen z and this looks... interesting let's say.

  • popcorn chokes
    popcorn chokes9 dagar sedan

    I've always driven Honda and Toyota. This is the first ford I'll buy.

  • Nigel R
    Nigel R9 dagar sedan

    the seats look very uncomfortable

  • _Roadhouse _90
    _Roadhouse _909 dagar sedan

    Honestly...Prob the #1 truck I'm most excited for. 🤷‍♂️. Small truck, affordable, and a gas engine option. I think this will sale like crazy!

  • Tom Dickens
    Tom Dickens9 dagar sedan

    Orange in the storage trays was a terrible choice. That is going to show every speck of dust, hair, and dirt in it and look real gross real quick. They need to be grey or black like the rest of the interior.

  • I Had Lunch
    I Had Lunch9 dagar sedan

    always wanted a pick up but you either have to cough up 18k-25k for a used one with 150k miles or 50k for a new one.

  • Percival Googlyeyes
    Percival Googlyeyes9 dagar sedan