Here's Why the Audi R8 Was the Perfect Halo Car


The Audi R8 was the perfect halo car. Today I'm going to explain why the R8 was such a success at being a halo car -- and why other halo cars have failed to replicate the R8's major success.


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  • pinut187
    pinut1872 timmar sedan

    The main success of Audi isn’t due to the R8. Audi was giving cars to all celebrities and have these appear in all the magazines, newspapers etc.

  • Burnitzki Cars & More
    Burnitzki Cars & More15 timmar sedan

    Only Doug would wear a shirt with a dodge caravan on it.

  • 242Evangelion
    242Evangelion20 timmar sedan

    "Here you have this exotic sports car coming from a German luxury brand. Something BMW or Mercedes had never done AT ANY POINT IN THE PAST"... BMW M1

  • Geoffrey Shih
    Geoffrey ShihDag sedan

    I feel like this is what Kia did with the Stinger

  • Ethereal Goddess
    Ethereal GoddessDag sedan

    Cars level 1000 taught by Professor Doug Demuro 😍

  • Brian St. Denis
    Brian St. DenisDag sedan

    The Acura point is a good one. Acura knows how to do it... the original NSX came along with Integra R and Legend. All 3 of those were (are?) super desirable vehicles. Two of them shared VTEC, and made a great threesome. I really hope Acura moves back towards younger and sportier cars.

  • Joseph Donnelly
    Joseph Donnelly2 dagar sedan

    In 1991 when people walked into the Acura dealership they saw the NSX on the floor looking spectacular, then they saw the Acura Integra, and the Acura Legend; not the cars you mentioned which came out much later. I know firsthand, because I was one of those people. I purchased the Integra which was basically a very dependable and good car for the time, still left you looking over your shoulder at the NSX as you drive away.

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix2 dagar sedan

    Nissan doing it again with the 400z, They are also introducing a new line up of cars in 2022.

  • Johnathan Trentwell
    Johnathan Trentwell3 dagar sedan

    When you buy an Audi it's actually a requirement in the purchase agreement that you wear a shit load of cologne at all times

  • Lord Nuker
    Lord Nuker3 dagar sedan

    I have an 10 year old Audi A8, and that car is better speced than most of the modern cars today in the same price range 40k$

  • Daniel Staggers
    Daniel Staggers3 dagar sedan

    My Dentist had an R-8 and all it did was try to bankrupt him. It constantly broke down and finally the shifter linkage rusted so much is seized solid. He bought this thing new and all of it should have been covered under warranty and the dealership weaseled out of it all. He was blamed for everything that went wrong with it. The Linkage was the straw that broke the camels back and he got rid of it. What did he buy? A Range Rover and he only had that 6 months. It spent more time at the shop than his garage. Then, he bought a Jaguar and we won't even talk about that. Let's just say it was very short lived. Don't ever talk to my Dentist about European cars.

  • BR-P-2001 //
    BR-P-2001 //3 dagar sedan

    Definitely iron man 3 and Forza Motorsport 4 is what got me hooked on that generation R8 specifically, I dont care for the newer ones.

  • Don Millo
    Don Millo3 dagar sedan

    ...and it was in the Ironman movie. Yeah thats right, I said it.

  • RapidKiller11b
    RapidKiller11b3 dagar sedan

    LFA wasn't really meant to be a halo car imo. LFA was a test bed for Toyota to go crazy on and develop new technologies for the rest of their cars, which is why it ended up being so expensive.

  • jack palczynski
    jack palczynski3 dagar sedan

    The GT-R still has another problem. While a customer might come in and buy a 300 year old design called the 370Z, a dealer has to be a special GT-R dealer to sell them. So your local Nissan dealer might not only never have a GT-R in their showroom, customers for a new GT-R have to work to figure out where they can even buy one.

  • mgns
    mgns3 dagar sedan

    I have never seen an LFA in person to this day.

  • Cornflakes Yognaut
    Cornflakes Yognaut4 dagar sedan

    holy shit just one t-shirt

  • Sebastião Mendonça
    Sebastião Mendonça4 dagar sedan

    The original R8 V8 still looks new even 13 years later

  • Alex Core
    Alex Core4 dagar sedan

    I buy that people coming in for the R8 were then moved to the S5 instead, but to suggest that R8 fans came in to buy the Q5 is a little bit of a stretch.

  • Landnok
    Landnok4 dagar sedan

    Who else got an Audi ad after this lol (like if you did)

  • Imad Islam
    Imad Islam4 dagar sedan

    Audis debut in iron man: ''Am I a joke to you''

  • Milek Drebin
    Milek Drebin5 dagar sedan

    On top of that: Audi managed to win LeMans with it's V12 diesel which was then available in Q7 back in the day and they had purchased Lamborghini to put their V10 into R8 and RS6. They went "all in" to smash BMW M and AMG in the face and became THE DESIRABLE BRAND :) I'm now shopping for a sproty crossover and I will go for GLA AMG as I cannot afford RSQ3 :) Audi basically became a first choice in Performance daily drivers world.

  • Milek Drebin
    Milek Drebin5 dagar sedan

    Not sure if that was the same in the US but here in Europe R8 was always considered a "cheap" Gallardo (same as RSQ8 is now the affordable Urus).

  • Kai Ponte
    Kai Ponte5 dagar sedan

    Watching this and keep thinking I'd see the dog show up in the car behind Doug.

  • Ryan Zoz
    Ryan Zoz6 dagar sedan

    Does anyone remember the R8 (wasn’t called the R8 though) being in need for speed carbon! That’s why I love the car! It’s beautiful and nostalgic for me being that I’m 28 and the game came out when I was kid! Still my favorite car to this day!

  • AudiR8Fanboy
    AudiR8Fanboy6 dagar sedan

    I love the R8 so much. I need one. Too bad EVs are ruining the car community and I probably won't be able to afford one let alone fuel it.

  • Hendrik Hufert
    Hendrik Hufert6 dagar sedan

    BMW had the M1 in the 80s which was also considered a supercar by the time.

  • Mfon Iton
    Mfon Iton6 dagar sedan

    Another reason why the Lexus was a flop was imperfect timing

  • electricmojo
    electricmojo7 dagar sedan

    well in germany, Audi always was a car "for the people", for the men and the family. like, Volkswagen owners couldnt believe that Audi stands equally beside VW in terms of sold numbers. you can't talk the reputition down of Audi's fourwheeldrive, 5cylinders and the rally championships by Walter Röhrl and collegues :D

  • jim dandy
    jim dandy7 dagar sedan

    “Audi’s were not cool!” This is evidenced by the fact Ferris Bueller’s dad drove one.

  • jim dandy
    jim dandy7 dagar sedan

    I want that Audi station wagon

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy7 dagar sedan

    This would make a great Harvard business review case, thanks Doug

  • Drew Pera
    Drew Pera7 dagar sedan

    I’ve wanted an R8 since they were first released. It’s still a dream car of mine with speed, luxury, and style.

  • E90_Alpine_White
    E90_Alpine_White7 dagar sedan

    The R8 became my favorite car when it was the cover car for Forza Motorsport 3

  • CarsNfun
    CarsNfun7 dagar sedan

    I m always gonna remember when the r8 came out. the first apparence at the superbowl was majestic! Well done commercial.

  • TheGrayMongoose
    TheGrayMongoose7 dagar sedan

    The REAL reason why the R8 succeeded and the other two didn't was because the R8 looked good and the other two looked like average ugly sedans.

  • nxc cxxpxr
    nxc cxxpxr7 dagar sedan

    The LFA exceeded everything, even today it's still known to be one of the best driving cars ever made

  • Player Rasor
    Player Rasor8 dagar sedan

    SEblacks gave me an Audi ad after the video ended

  • Bob Saltzman
    Bob Saltzman8 dagar sedan

    Are you Albert Brook’s son?

  • Michael Aebi
    Michael Aebi8 dagar sedan

    I think here in Switzerland the R8 didn’t play such an important role. More important was the quality step Audi made (at one point clearly above Mercedes and BMW level), the quattro in the alps in winter, and the Avant models (Europeans love station wagons). And the S and RS models played an important role in terms of brand awareness.

  • kappaomegaphi
    kappaomegaphi8 dagar sedan

    R8 was derived from the Gallardo...

  • Ray Sarkissian
    Ray Sarkissian8 dagar sedan

    Great points. I agree

  • EDD W.
    EDD W.8 dagar sedan

    I wonder how Audi feels about VW making the Phaeton, Touareg or Arteon? Like, aren’t those talking sales from them?

  • EDD W.

    EDD W.

    7 dagar sedan

    @nxc cxxpxr yes but I’m pretty sure they had something to say about the Arteon being too similar in MSRP to the A5.

  • nxc cxxpxr

    nxc cxxpxr

    7 dagar sedan

    Volkswagen owns them, who cares. You only buy an arteon because you can't afford an Audi. Different markets

  • MountFahrzeug
    MountFahrzeug9 dagar sedan

    In Europe the RS6 could also be considered a halo car. People buy the A6 and love Audis because they admire the awesome C7 RS6

  • David S
    David S9 dagar sedan

    I like this new format. I wonder if the GTR would’ve been better served to the NA market under the Infiniti brand? It always seemed like a joke having $100k + car serviced at a Nissan dealership where they typically don’t even offer service loaners.

  • goliathsuperstar
    goliathsuperstar9 dagar sedan

    i cant believe i went through half this vid

  • Mehdi Boumour
    Mehdi Boumour9 dagar sedan

    Petition to name Doug's garage Doug DeGarage

  • Ryan Pakrovsky
    Ryan Pakrovsky9 dagar sedan

    I still think the original R8 is better looking then the current one.

  • Raveen Bikha
    Raveen Bikha9 dagar sedan

    I remember nfs carbon audi le man concept which eventually became a real car

  • Mike Likes
    Mike Likes9 dagar sedan

    Interestingly, Apple tries to do this with the Mac Pro.

  • Mr Turner
    Mr Turner9 dagar sedan

    The R8 being in the first Iron man was huge

  • One Issue Voter
    One Issue Voter9 dagar sedan

    Uhhhh. BMW had the 507 and the M1, Merc had the Gullwing, then the CLK GTR. So don't say they had "never done" them in the past, but they had certainly gone away from pure performance cars by the 90s/00s

  • Keli K.
    Keli K.9 dagar sedan

    The first gen R8 still looks so fresh, like it is a brand new car for 2022! The first time I saw one, that was back in 2019, I couldn't take my eyes off it. What a stunner!

  • LMacNeill
    LMacNeill9 dagar sedan

    In the '80s and '90s, Audi just didn't *build* the vehicles they build today. Quality-wise, I mean. They felt *very* much like gussied-up VWs. Kind of like how a Buick felt like a gussied-up Chevy, or a Mercury felt like a gussied-up Ford. It was a VW with some nicer stuff inside. Now they do a *far* better job of differentiating themselves from their VW parent company. They feel like their own brand -- worth the premium you pay for it -- rather than a re-badged VW with extra options and a few luxury touches.

  • Lower Michigan
    Lower Michigan9 dagar sedan

    I think the NSX also had a problem with what it became. Fans were expecting a super lightweight car. The LFA was not accessible. It was unlikely to even see one at a dealer.

  • Brent G
    Brent G9 dagar sedan

    Haha, I love that the NSX was the first failed Halo car you mentioned - I was thinking the exact same thing. It seems like a cool car, but I still think Acruas are undesirable for their price point.

  • Lee Douglas
    Lee Douglas9 dagar sedan

    Build #1816 2018 NSX pictured left. Halo car, failure. Super awesome fantastic everyday driving supercar? Knocked it out of the park.

  • Eric Peltier
    Eric Peltier9 dagar sedan

    Good stuff. Certainly lots of opinion, but great arguments. One thing I feel also helped was the styling of the R8. It was super recognizable. Very fresh. If I saw an LFA or NSX from a distance, I'd recognize it as rare, but I could not tell you what it was until up close. The R8 does NOT have this issue.

  • Marissa Richardson
    Marissa Richardson10 dagar sedan

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  • Fukai REN
    Fukai REN10 dagar sedan

    even cover the logo, R8 just looks like a Audi.

  • Ramon Brito
    Ramon Brito10 dagar sedan

    Doug you are the man. Simply the man. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this argument and people don’t get it. The act as if what I’m saying is offending their soul. (Shaking my head.)

  • Sergiu Mada
    Sergiu Mada10 dagar sedan

    what are other halo cars that were successful?

  • Big Izzy84
    Big Izzy8410 dagar sedan

    Too bad Audis are overpriced junk that break down all the time. And cost a kidney to repair

  • BangDroid
    BangDroid10 dagar sedan

    I "registered my interest" for the R8 and was invited to test drive one and was sent a hardback book full of beautiful photos, specs and details. Still have the book, never test drove one, I was poor and only like 20. They would have laughed if I turned up.

  • Pabs SD
    Pabs SD10 dagar sedan

    Yep, this belongs on MORE Doug

  • TheMystro1971
    TheMystro197110 dagar sedan

    Problem was that the R8 still got its butt kicked by the 997 at the time on shows like Top Gear. I owned both brands and the R8 with the 4.2L S4 engine wasn’t enough and was considered too boring to drive and heavy. Lexis and Nissan have NO DNA of performance driving machines so they were/are not considered a real top luxury car player against MB and BMW. Audi was also backed by VAG which would never ever let the R8 surpass their Porsche brand which also and still does cripple the Audi Brand.

  • Demitri Nikolaou
    Demitri Nikolaou10 dagar sedan

    Think it's safe to say that the GT-R got people in the door. The problem was that it was just too far and no in between the Nissan Z which was the closest. Even a Nismo Z was a stretch to say I came here for this but let me walk out with this. If they had one more model with lets say a V6 Turbo or the Z was closer, it could have pulled it off. Then they also just let both the GTR and the Z live on WAYYY too long without any changes and increasing the price. The GTR was a super car bargain, and I'd even say ahead of the R8 when they launched...And I really like the R8.

  • Alberto Jordá
    Alberto Jordá10 dagar sedan

    Do you really think GTR didn't bring buyers for the 370Z...? 🤔

  • JK F1
    JK F110 dagar sedan

    The R8's daytime LED's were the real game changer.

  • Kevin mykisen
    Kevin mykisen10 dagar sedan

    This is Wrong the reason it’s succeeded was because of Iron Man

  • Maximilian L
    Maximilian L10 dagar sedan

    I will always remember clarkson saying: "Other sportscars are like walking a cow backwards downstairs... The R8 is like buttering Keira Knightley" or something like that

  • Erw Jel
    Erw Jel10 dagar sedan

    The perfect car.

  • Saud Millwala
    Saud Millwala10 dagar sedan

    if acura’s 2021 lineup came out when the nsx came out, then i feel acura would have gone up a lot

  • TheFrostyBeast
    TheFrostyBeast10 dagar sedan

    Either he hasn’t seen marvel movies or is just blind to the fact that iron man was major for the brand too

  • Hunter B
    Hunter B10 dagar sedan

    Audi went about making the R8 a desirable halo car very intelligently too. Having it seen in various forms of media as 'the best' or luxurious. If any of you have played Need for Speed Carbon I'm sure you remember the R8 as the final car you unlock as well as the car driven by the final racing boss. Even more broad of an audience was its appearance in the first Iron Man movie which made me want one as a teenager for sure. Those were the two that stood out to me but I'm sure there were numerous others.

  • J Codol
    J Codol11 dagar sedan

    2:26 True. It wasn't until 1998 when Ronin showed us that cactus green Audi S8. That caught my attention. Also, wasn't the 2007-2008 RS4 the 'alternative' to the R8 (same motor!) for those who could not justify a 2-seater (or the cost!)?

  • spiralnapkin
    spiralnapkin11 dagar sedan

    Dodge viper is greatest halo car

  • spiralnapkin
    spiralnapkin11 dagar sedan

    RIP More Doug Demuro

  • Dallos Zsolt
    Dallos Zsolt11 dagar sedan

    An A4 instead of an R8? I don't think so this was the way in went. Rather: the Lamborghini Gallardo is too expensive, let's settle with the R8 - it is quite close.

  • Z K
    Z K11 dagar sedan

    The R8 was also featured in the first really big Marvel movie, Ironman. So that definitely helped

  • Z K
    Z K11 dagar sedan

    I didn't even know Audi was a thing when I was a kid and then the R8 came out and I started noticing Audi.

  • Braden McGrath
    Braden McGrath11 dagar sedan

    Another *big* piece - marketing. R8 had prominent placement in "Iron Man." Right place right time is definitely a thing.

  • TzadikTheManic
    TzadikTheManic11 dagar sedan


  • Rolf Knappmann
    Rolf Knappmann11 dagar sedan

    I want to add the fact that the R8 was later turned into a less expensive Huracán, with an exciting V10 in it. The Huracán itself is pretty reliable for the crazy supercar that it is. The Audi R8 is even more reliable, repair costs are lower, it's a little bit more subtle which is appealing to some people too and it's more roomy. If you're above 6'/6'1" the R8 will give you quite a bit more headroom than the Huracán does.

  • Jakob Hansen
    Jakob Hansen11 dagar sedan

    I remember reading this post on Jalopnik written by Doug. It's still just and enjoyable and educational to watch on his SEblacks.

  • Jim S
    Jim S11 dagar sedan

    Audi has a 20+yr/generational reputation cycle: people having never owned it would be tempted by the design and features (and the worst of "German engineering" by VW at slightly lower price than BMW and MB), then after owning it would swear off it for decades if not the rest of their lives. Audis were popular in the 90's, just like their popularity in the 2010's. After its sales crash and used Audis becoming relatively unavailable to 2nd-hand buyers, the institutional knowledge about shoddy Audis quality would be lost among another new generation of car buyers, then they'd be gullible to Audi marketing again. It's low sales in the early part of the first decade of the 2000's was doing the necessary part of purging the ill reputation from public memory.

  • Kyland719
    Kyland71911 dagar sedan

    i hav audi b7 a4 avant manual notice me ko4 go psss (edit that nogaro blue looks amazing)

  • Emanuel Castro
    Emanuel Castro11 dagar sedan

    The R8 was also featured in video games. It was always the best looking, fastest car in racing games at the time.

  • qxANGELxp
    qxANGELxp11 dagar sedan

    The new R8 doesn't look as stunning as the first R8. Saw multiple R8s parked next to each other at a car show a couple days ago, and the newer squared-off design they went with just looks too generic.

  • Elevens
    Elevens11 dagar sedan

    Could argue this is the role of the hellcat for dodge on a smaller $ scale

    REDDRAGON6k11 dagar sedan

    Doug u should do more hotel/house reviews it was cool

  • Jon Gorman
    Jon Gorman11 dagar sedan

    Back in the 90s, an Audi is the car Magnum drove when he couldn't drive the Ferrari.

  • David S

    David S

    9 dagar sedan

    Magnum PI was pure 80’s magic and the 90’s should never get credit for that show. Loved seeing the Audi 5000’s tho.

  • Roy Moorman
    Roy Moorman11 dagar sedan

    From what I remember back in those days, I saw a lot of clever TV advertising on the R8 and marketing campaigns selling the "vorsprung durch technik" slogan. I haven't seen any commercials for the LFA, NSX or i8. What the R8 didn't accomplish is an improvement of the reputation for handling. Still the first word that the Audi brand triggers in my mind is understeer.

  • Peter Tingley
    Peter Tingley11 dagar sedan

    The vehicle on his shirt perfectly fits the way he dresses for once.

  • Mr Thompson
    Mr Thompson11 dagar sedan

    i picked up an 08 R8 with a gated 6 speed 4 months ago and its a blast to drive.

  • B R W
    B R W11 dagar sedan

    ..and the product placement in in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark's ride in Iron Man.

  • Γεώργιος Γκούρλιας
    Γεώργιος Γκούρλιας11 dagar sedan

    Alright doug is buying a new wagon . Look at the t shirt

  • Joshua Builds
    Joshua Builds11 dagar sedan

    What the fuck are these sound effects?

  • Joshua Builds
    Joshua Builds11 dagar sedan

    What is this editing?

  • GlockMan945
    GlockMan94511 dagar sedan

    Higgins drove an Audi. That is all you need to know.