Here Are My 10 Favorite Cool Cars for Under $20,000


Here are Doug DeMuro's picks for the 10 best cool cars for under $20,000! If you're looking for a fun sports car or an exciting SUV -- or a practical sport sedan! -- these are my favorite fun cars you can buy today for $20,000 or less.


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  • Kvurenukri Daehd Moroz
    Kvurenukri Daehd MorozTimme sedan

    Can you please make more videos like this?

  • Lauria Grant III
    Lauria Grant III12 timmar sedan

    Doug "You Can Just Throw It Around" DeMuro.

  • Carey Morgan
    Carey Morgan12 timmar sedan

    Huh. I could have sworn he’d recommend a 2013 Honda Fit

  • B F
    B F15 timmar sedan

    Just a note on C6 Corvettes since I hopped on that train a year ago and got one (which I love dearly)… if you get a 2008+ instead of a ‘05-‘07 you get a 30 horsepower bump and the LS3, which is an insanely great platform to start modifying on especially for drag racing or autocross. Also if you can find a Z51 package even better, since you get a few handling goodies with that.

  • Willy Pooh
    Willy Pooh19 timmar sedan

    *Fiesta* *_ST_* ❤

  • Клевер 999
    Клевер 99921 timme sedan

    ford expedition platinum review please

  • The Automotive Troll
    The Automotive Troll23 timmar sedan

    Some of these cars are only under 20k if they have well over 100k miles lol

  • cabbage
    cabbageDag sedan

    I have black 120k miles Lc100 v8 land cruiser in UK and I have no idea what fo do with it.

  • Joey Depp
    Joey DeppDag sedan

    I appreciate Honda still making an affordable manual with a faster version but damn is that Civic ugly as hell those tail lights are puke inducing

  • Taegh Sokhey
    Taegh SokheyDag sedan

    I hate how dougs channel is just an advertisement for cars and bids now.

  • gregory rodriguez
    gregory rodriguezDag sedan

    Now land cruiser is not a popular vehicle? In USA, still very popular and in demand in other countries, probably best SUV

  • BenCNS
    BenCNSDag sedan

    If you find an E46 M3 for under 20k it’s either an SMG or has problems. Even the regular 3 series has started to creep up in value.

  • Ted Warner
    Ted WarnerDag sedan

    E90 M3.

  • Jon C
    Jon CDag sedan

    Sure, the BMW may sell for under $20k, but you're going to spend WAY more than that fixing it. Junk.

  • Janky Painting
    Janky PaintingDag sedan

    How about a fiat x1/9?

  • William
    WilliamDag sedan

    The comment section of every Doug video is so butthurt

  • Andrew Aslanidis
    Andrew AslanidisDag sedan

    Glad Doug approves of my recent Fiesta ST purchase. And yes, it was under $20k

  • KrasnayaZvezda
    KrasnayaZvezda2 dagar sedan

    You find a lot of Landcruisers, even new ones, in Russia, Central Asia and East Asia, they are very, very popular there

  • Gene
    Gene2 dagar sedan

    Why don't this posted in more doug de muro

  • NicksDomain101
    NicksDomain1012 dagar sedan

    This guy is so wise about cars you can just tell

  • Simeon Bell
    Simeon Bell2 dagar sedan

    Doug with white hair looks like Jay Leno

  • Emeraldeye
    Emeraldeye2 dagar sedan

    can u du a vid on the license plate behind you

  • Emeraldeye


    2 dagar sedan

    i meant license plates behind u

  • Ian Clancy
    Ian Clancy2 dagar sedan

    Honorable mention: 2009-2012 Jaguar XF: base model; 385 hp 5.0 V8, XF Supercharged 470 hp, XFR 510 hp. These cars a very underrated and more reliable than their BMW and Mercedes counterparts.

  • 702 Red Devils Chat
    702 Red Devils Chat2 dagar sedan

    Seriously none of these are under 20k this year. The list is a bit skewed

  • Toby B
    Toby B2 dagar sedan

    My dude just called a WRX reliable

  • Jacob Leech
    Jacob Leech2 dagar sedan

    Please stop with the Thiiiiiiiiiiisssss for your intro

  • CA Driver
    CA Driver2 dagar sedan

    Brand new MINI SE after tax credits and state incentives.

  • metallica929
    metallica9292 dagar sedan

    Isn’t this the type of content that should be in more doug demuro? 🤔

  • Piepsi Panic
    Piepsi Panic3 dagar sedan

    I'm German and I like Doug's proper German pronunciation of "Porsche". :)

  • S. Z77
    S. Z773 dagar sedan

    Me with $3.77 on my bank watching this video: "hmm yes, interesting 🤔"

  • Felix Freitag
    Felix Freitag3 dagar sedan

    Old Doug looks like Jay Leno

  • Роскомнадзор
    Роскомнадзор3 dagar sedan

    It seems to me that our cars are cheaper in Russia. For 20 thousand dollars, you can buy such cars as: Cadillac Fleetwood, Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205, Jaguar XJ X351, Cadillac CTS III, Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140, (limousine) and all these cars are not more than 6 years old, except W140 and Cadillac Fleetwood. For anyone who is interested, I can give more examples.

  • K. R.
    K. R.3 dagar sedan

    Imagine having 20.000 dollars. Also, imagine spending them for one single object/peoduct that you don't even have any warranty for 👀

  • Marcel Miagi
    Marcel Miagi3 dagar sedan

    The reverb in this space is excessive. Consider acoustic treatment, Doug.

  • Sal Sheikh
    Sal Sheikh3 dagar sedan

    An episode like this had $10k as the aspiration not too long ago....

  • TheMusic Man
    TheMusic Man3 dagar sedan

    Doug, I love your videos. You make me laugh so much. Thank you!!

  • Michael Crabtree
    Michael Crabtree3 dagar sedan

    wow, your ads cover two chapters. you must be very important.

  • Zander 63
    Zander 633 dagar sedan

    The C6 Corvette is my favorite on this list 😍

  • TooManyProjects
    TooManyProjects3 dagar sedan

    S2k under 30k maybe haha

  • Marc Neilson
    Marc Neilson3 dagar sedan

    Oh yes, Land Cruiser was my machine when based in Central Africa. Amazing car and super comfy.

  • Юра Шиков
    Юра Шиков3 dagar sedan

    what about used audi tt?

  • supermanguy1214
    supermanguy12143 dagar sedan

    Lol Doug says let me show everyone all these cool cars you can get for on the $20,000 let me start the video standing next to a phantom 😆

  • john
    john3 dagar sedan

    As an Australian seeing US E46 M3 and S2K prices, I'm throwing my keboard across the room in a fit of rage.

  • Logan Jensen
    Logan Jensen3 dagar sedan

    Where's my fellow FoST/FiST owners?!

  • Ben Den
    Ben Den3 dagar sedan

    I wouldn't by any of these crap. I'd rather by a Honda HRV or a civic sport. In my opinion a car is basically for safe and reliable transportation.

  • Maksim
    Maksim3 dagar sedan

    it is inappropriate to look at the laptop so often

  • ivmurk21
    ivmurk213 dagar sedan

    I had a 2005 E46 M3 back in 2011. Alpine White with a CSL body kit, tons of carbon fiber. Red leather interior. Man, the memories. I’ve owned tons of cars, many of which were more expensive, and you just won’t find that pure joy and feel in many other cars. I had a few modules go out and needed some clutch work around 66k miles. Autowerks wanted $9k for repairs and I was a broke college kid at the time so I sold it for 10 grand. I regret it every day. Actually ended up tracking it down and tried to buy it back from a different owner. He wanted $26k and it was sitting at 145k 😂

  • St0RM33
    St0RM333 dagar sedan

    Ford ST..good? 😂🤣🤣🤣 tell that to the headgasket

  • Mr. Hebrew Hammer
    Mr. Hebrew Hammer3 dagar sedan

    350Z missing from that list BIG TIME ↗↗↗

  • Cosmin
    Cosmin3 dagar sedan

    Dougie “Pixar” DeMuro blowing the special effects budget with one video. Seriously, though, I enjoyed them and hope they continue.

  • Data Mafia
    Data Mafia3 dagar sedan

    wow, I disagree with every pick. Some are okay, but seriously, there are some well-known lemons in there. Plus upkeep/repair on a few will break you. Others are just turds, like this video. ..|.,

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith3 dagar sedan

    Most of these cars that have decent mileage and in reasonably good shape are today, way over $20k.

  • MrKb1028
    MrKb10283 dagar sedan

    Porsche 944 Turbo

  • Gregory Weiss
    Gregory Weiss4 dagar sedan

    Great list. But like everything, do your homework. I bought a Boxster (on C&B) and it turned out to need a LOT more work than the car is worth. I got screwed. Make sure the seller is reputable and isn't dumping a used up car.

  • Laurent Wickli
    Laurent Wickli4 dagar sedan

    E46 m3 under 100k Miles are at 55k € in germany right now - get them for 20k ;)

  • Liverpool 4 Ever
    Liverpool 4 Ever4 dagar sedan

    Cool, but, I think you'd ignored the fuel economy in few of these options ?!

  • ASquadWiper
    ASquadWiper4 dagar sedan

    When you said " alot of them were crashed" ....👉👈 Sorry 😐

  • AJ Films
    AJ Films4 dagar sedan

    What about the late model Taurus SHO’s? Mine is a Magnetic Metallic gray, picked up for 18k. 365hp is enough for fun and can drive it year round, plus has all sorts of options and plenty of room. A quick tune can get you an extra 100ft/lbs of torque, too.

  • ethyrice
    ethyrice4 dagar sedan

    Imagine not mentioning juke nismo

  • Pasta King
    Pasta King4 dagar sedan

    DOUG - Since when have you become a Corvette fan? Maybe the C8 you sort of liked - sorta... What's going on with you? Has Cars n Bids influenced your reviews?

  • Harrison Morse
    Harrison Morse4 dagar sedan

    Some honorable mentions that I feel were missed: - Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 2nd generation Ram w/12 valve Cummins - Jeep Cherokee XJ - Volvo 740 turbo wagon - Toyota SW20 MR-2 - 2nd or 3rd generation Toyota 4runner

  • mario herrador
    mario herrador4 dagar sedan

    There is no way you can find a nice s2000 for under 20k now.

  • Cosmic Cloud
    Cosmic Cloud4 dagar sedan

    That 2015 Camaro is your definition of “gorgeous”? High beltline over weight shit Mobil. A resto modded 69 Camaro is gorgeous, modern cars are trash

  • Cosmic Cloud
    Cosmic Cloud4 dagar sedan

    Fun cars under $20K: Skateboard Feet Bicycle Parachute Tricycle Roller skates

  • Bartolo Heriberto
    Bartolo Heriberto4 dagar sedan

    7:25 “and I LoOoOved” 🤣🤣 great video man

  • akimmel357
    akimmel3574 dagar sedan

    I looked at fiesta STs a week or so ago just for kicks and they were hilariously overpriced, nowhere near under 10k. Similar prices to what I'd imagine I could get for my loaded GTI, like high teens.

  • Joseph McDade
    Joseph McDade4 dagar sedan

    You should do an episode similar to this, but for the Gambler 500. Would love to see what you would pick for ultra cheap cars to take off road that aren't really piratical for off roading.

  • C R
    C R4 dagar sedan

    there is not a "nice" E46 M3 for sale under $20k anywhere in the US.

  • A M G
    A M G4 dagar sedan

    2:56 "welcome to krusty burger. May I take your order please?"

  • ivan sapi
    ivan sapi4 dagar sedan

    can you do one of these for 50k

  • wafflesnfalafel1
    wafflesnfalafel14 dagar sedan

    interesting - surprised you can still get that gen Land Cruisers for that kind of money. Can confirm that gen WRX is lots of fun for the money - not for everybody, gotta really want to drive a stick with a turbo since the CVT just is a bad fit, but it's a fun car. Kinda wish I fit in a Miata ND...

    JNSSS4 dagar sedan

    crying from Europe

  • OutsideTheBox
    OutsideTheBox4 dagar sedan

    S2000 barely faster than a Civic below vtec. WRX is all about the noise, which disappeared with the DI engine. And how the hell did you fit into an ND Miata? I am a few inches shorter than you - NA was a bit too small, ND was definitely a sardine car.

  • Drew Larse
    Drew Larse4 dagar sedan

    If I mk5 gti is in this list I will not watch the video

  • Keith Hogan
    Keith Hogan4 dagar sedan

    03/04 cobra??

  • Taylor Yeates
    Taylor Yeates4 dagar sedan

    BMW Z4

  • E Merc
    E Merc4 dagar sedan

    Yeah I’m gonna go agead and say that a few of these arent under 20k. And you’re missing the mazdaspeed3 for under 20. Same for like an 03-04 Mach 1/Bullit.

  • IRLtrolls
    IRLtrolls4 dagar sedan

    Doug must have made this video pre covid because none of these are under 20k 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Aaron Cable
    Aaron Cable4 dagar sedan

    Surprised there wasnt an mr2 you can still get some tho it might not be decent might need abit of work or an older Subaru wrx I think it is I mean like an 04 or a 90s 4/5 door Subaru or an audi a3 even the 2012 2.0 tdi is ok for abit of fun I guess I mean my dad had one it wasnt bad I'd own one and you can put some mods on the engine brakes and suspension

  • GodleyX
    GodleyX4 dagar sedan

    I was really hoping you wouldn't say miata. I'm getting tired of used miata being as expensive as they are already. Now they will get worse. Several year old miatas are selling for close to msrp still. It's breaking the rules and not losing value in the first 5 years.... Lol

  • mindkiller76
    mindkiller764 dagar sedan

    What was that shit about Evo owners? I get it, your wive's lover drives a Mitsubishi, but that shit about "owner concern" is beyond good and evil.

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams4 dagar sedan

    I dont think you need all the graphics

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin4 dagar sedan

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • NAVE
    NAVE4 dagar sedan

    Almost 300,000 miles on my 100 series !

  • Timelimitxceeded
    Timelimitxceeded4 dagar sedan

    Yeah this video was made in 2019 lol... a'int nothing under 20k anymore

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon4 dagar sedan

    I was disappointed by lack of something like the Wrangler. Roof off, doors off, drive into and over everything -- that's pretty fun.

  • chaostheory2219
    chaostheory22194 dagar sedan

    He wears a Philly shirt but loves being in socal 🙄. Ok

  • Austin Grozier
    Austin Grozier4 dagar sedan

    Next video under 500 bucks

  • Carter Round
    Carter Round4 dagar sedan

    Which of these are good starter cars? I get my permit in August and I’ve been looking at fairly cheap starter cars.

  • Gregory Weiss

    Gregory Weiss

    4 dagar sedan

    The Toyota. Everything else will be outrageously expensive to insure for a new driver.

  • Andrew Hurst
    Andrew Hurst4 dagar sedan

    “This is More Doug DeMuro, and today Doug carves a path of destruction through several used car markets that generally are found above $20k for usable examples anyway.”

  • Tyler Dauber
    Tyler Dauber4 dagar sedan

    This man done said wrx is super reliable. 4 engines later theyre still going strong lol

  • Hunter Gross
    Hunter Gross4 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the fiesta st shoutout!

  • Thomas Redden
    Thomas Redden4 dagar sedan

    Bro where are you finding a fiesta st for under 10k? I’ll buy one tomorrow

  • Badger Titz
    Badger Titz4 dagar sedan

    Isn't every landcruiser from every year dating back to mid 90's like the same god damn vehicle??

  • Badger Titz
    Badger Titz4 dagar sedan

    Don't even need to watch this to know a C5 vette is on the list, in terms of performance/fun to drive/reliability/ease of working on/parts availability there IS NOTHING BETTER - right now anyhow, a manual tranny honda Civic SI or subie WRX I like too

  • davemasek
    davemasek4 dagar sedan

    Doug got a video editor.

  • Rob Stein
    Rob Stein4 dagar sedan

    Long time watcher but can we tone down the hocking a bit :-( Most of these are certainly not

  • baylinkdashyt
    baylinkdashyt4 dagar sedan

    5:25 "Tossed around" DRINK!