Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro


  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor17 timmar sedan

    Its obvious that LR have skimped on R&D -you would never see issues like this on a Landcruiser. What is the point of owning a vehicle with outstanding off road ability if it can't be relied on to get you where your going and may leave you stranded?

  • ibrooksie
    ibrooksie17 timmar sedan

    Pile of garbage.

  • Talwar3k
    Talwar3k17 timmar sedan

    Next stop: Alaska.

  • hj lp
    hj lp17 timmar sedan

    Doug basically said people make fun of his land rover for breaking and it makes no sense, even though it broke again😂

  • muchosa1
    muchosa117 timmar sedan

    My father inlaw had a black 1986 with a 5 speed. It was fun to drive.

  • AH AH
    AH AH17 timmar sedan

    The original mafia mobile...

  • YGO Brandon
    YGO Brandon17 timmar sedan

    Land Rover? More like Strand Rover amirite?

  • David
    David17 timmar sedan

    So, sitting in front of a Ford GT and wearing a T-shirt depicting a Toyota Previa mini-van.

  • BabyJesus
    BabyJesus17 timmar sedan

    Doug only reviews other people's cars because his Land Rover is broke down... he just needs a ride.

  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams17 timmar sedan

    Can you imagine the issues in 4 more years and another 80k miles?

  • 993ti
    993ti17 timmar sedan

    19:33 Look at all the oil dripping!

  • Dušan Banković
    Dušan Banković17 timmar sedan

    Light turn on...booooring. Citroen back in 1955 had light turning all left or right when you turn. Also had that in today models.

  • Man Fred
    Man Fred17 timmar sedan

    Back when Nissan didn't make total shit

  • Toni Ivanov
    Toni Ivanov17 timmar sedan

    08:19 NO WAY!

  • HeVsuit
    HeVsuit17 timmar sedan

    My dad bought one of those back in the days, and we used to call it “hippo”... the worst part of the interior was the frigging plastics quality on the center panel and driving wheel! After 4 summers they turned sticky and gluey... yuck

  • Christoffer Westerlund
    Christoffer Westerlund17 timmar sedan

    That is surely a nice Freelander you have!

  • Vok250
    Vok25017 timmar sedan

    $150000 car with crank windows. Lmao.

  • Alex Everyman
    Alex Everyman17 timmar sedan

    In my 2005 Nissan first check engine light was at 130 000 miles (due to worn out catalyser, not really a car's fault). Problems at 30k, sounds like a lemon.

  • Steve Taxpayer
    Steve Taxpayer17 timmar sedan

    Because there's a very, very limited market for cars that only seat two people therefore it was a failure because it didn't have a backseat.

  • koolkev75
    koolkev7517 timmar sedan

    A staple in the tri state area

  • BabyJesus
    BabyJesus17 timmar sedan

    I regret THIIIIIIIIIS purchase.

  • Roger Aguilar
    Roger Aguilar17 timmar sedan

    So much for resale that's definitely yours

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra17 timmar sedan

    just imagine if they unplugged the LED for the Check Engine light. hahah another CBC Your Market PLace Episode coming

  • Polo4413
    Polo441317 timmar sedan

    Is that a Previa?

  • bloomazda3
    bloomazda317 timmar sedan

    Doug, it’d be cool if you documented one of your cross country trips for a video. I never have and one day I would like to. An experienced cross country veteran like yourself I’m sure has oodles of tips and tricks you can share with the class.

  • BeamishLotus726
    BeamishLotus72617 timmar sedan

    Worthless and reliable

  • Nick Zumbo
    Nick Zumbo17 timmar sedan

    So ugly 😂

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable17 timmar sedan

    stop saying "This" you weirdo

  • A Nom
    A Nom17 timmar sedan

    I wish I could be like Doug. My 2016 Land Cruiser has 101K miles and never had any issues 🥺.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith17 timmar sedan

    Whenever I was depressed at how single I was, I would remind myself that there were people that didn't mind paying for and being seeing in one of these.

  • J Z
    J Z17 timmar sedan

    Pays 70k for a LR... It breaks bc its not German or Japanese: Doug: fUcK i NeEd To DrIvE u CaR

  • No Name
    No Name17 timmar sedan

    *Land Rovers are POS There, I fixed the title.

  • M B
    M B17 timmar sedan

    The LR bad meme is so tired lmao. Like anything put out these days by BMW or VW or GM or FCA is going to be any better

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark678917 timmar sedan

    For our European friends, this is 1 meter longer than a Mercedes-Benz C class.

  • Nekron Beast
    Nekron Beast17 timmar sedan

    I'm only here for the Doug's the type of guy comments!!!!!

  • Yeetskeet
    Yeetskeet17 timmar sedan


  • mannipulo
    mannipulo17 timmar sedan

    I bet every Multipla howner are happy, the Multipla is = funcionality and maximization of space.

  • Yeetskeet
    Yeetskeet17 timmar sedan

    Sell that thing before 100k my 2004 Disco broke (everything) after 110k #garbage

  • Mike
    Mike17 timmar sedan

    Cant wait for next weeks "i traded in my defender for a bronco"

  • Luca Lorenz
    Luca Lorenz17 timmar sedan

    I'm from Germany so I owned only German cars and I can tell you: your Landrover had more issues than my German cars in the last 10 years.

  • Dominic Dent
    Dominic Dent17 timmar sedan

    Need that Previa t shirt! 💪

  • John Dillermand
    John Dillermand17 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: On most if not all new vehicles, a solidly lit check engine light is not a huge deal, but a flashing check engine light is serious. If you have a solidly lit check engine light, you are okay to keep driving it until you can figure out what it is, just try not to ignore it for too long. If you have a flashing check engine light, you need to pull over immediately, turn the engine off and call a tow truck. Again this is true for most newer vehicles however there could be some exceptions.

  • McBain
    McBain17 timmar sedan

    The guy has a lot of vacation time. And his wife is a kept woman I guess. Most of us have to work you see.

  • boobbutthole
    boobbutthole17 timmar sedan

    Just sold my 88 300zx 75k miles.

  • EC
    EC17 timmar sedan

    Depreciation is a beautiful thing. These are dirt cheap now for what they are

  • cabbage
    cabbage17 timmar sedan

    It’s also a “new engine”, in a new car in its first year in a new factory. No one does that really

  • Peter Timmermans
    Peter Timmermans17 timmar sedan

    Same car, also enthusiastic

  • Peter Timmermans
    Peter Timmermans17 timmar sedan

  • Tetsuo The Great
    Tetsuo The Great17 timmar sedan

    Camden Maine is my hometown! Great review

  • Gary Altman
    Gary Altman17 timmar sedan

    Automotive perfection.

  • Perros1245
    Perros124517 timmar sedan

    Only in GTA my friend.....Only in GTA :(

  • Tamara Jarsun
    Tamara Jarsun17 timmar sedan

    I still can’t understand why some new cars have issues like that, specially expensive ones!

  • Mauricio Sanchez
    Mauricio Sanchez17 timmar sedan

    If you rich and stupid that’s your truck!

  • Justsaying
    Justsaying17 timmar sedan

    Doug, telling us it has a check engine light without telling us how the dealer fixed it is telling us nothing.

  • Anas Saleh
    Anas Saleh17 timmar sedan

    It’s cute how he thinks 20,000 miles in 9 months is a lot ! I have a toyota rav4 2021 and did 60,000 miles in 11 months and guess what ! Nothing broke ! not even gonna talk about my other car

  • dani P
    dani P17 timmar sedan

    Here's a list of things that broke on my 2008 Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI-Tire pressure went low!

  • 4wrestling
    4wrestling17 timmar sedan

    How much has Land Rover been paying Doug?

  • Александр Яськов
    Александр Яськов17 timmar sedan

    Can you please test Maserati MC12?

  • XXSefa
    XXSefa17 timmar sedan

    it looks weird to see that back wheels are covered, its like almost futuristic but look at front they not xD

  • Yousif Al Sarraf
    Yousif Al Sarraf17 timmar sedan

    I remember the old model nissans and Datsun had the voice warnings in Arabic for the gulf region!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay17 timmar sedan

    Car salesman: *slaps roof of car* 20 000 miles later:

  • Popular Movement of America 🇺🇸
    Popular Movement of America 🇺🇸17 timmar sedan

    How many times you gonna say the "The Check Engine Light"? wow !!

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield17 timmar sedan

    Too good for Yanks

  • Frank Stupak
    Frank Stupak17 timmar sedan

    You wont ignore a flashing check engine light. lol!!

  • David Afework
    David Afework17 timmar sedan

    Doug is slowly morphing into jay leno, just look at the hair and jawline

  • Left Twix
    Left Twix17 timmar sedan

    Some brands I think have different types of check engine lights; some will blink fast meaning a major problem or stay on meaning minor problems etc.

  • Roel Salonga
    Roel Salonga17 timmar sedan

    * HONDA 2000

  • Peter Vari
    Peter Vari17 timmar sedan

    I had a Mitsubishi, when the Check Engine light came on, 20 minutes later I was in a flatbed truck.

  • Andreas Doerich
    Andreas Doerich17 timmar sedan

    Who puts Linglong tires on a car that is that well preserved and that is supposed to be a driver's car?

  • Stefan Strixner
    Stefan Strixner17 timmar sedan

    Seems a little like he has got enaugh followers now?

    ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ17 timmar sedan

    Dude, just get rid of that Land Rover and then get a Land Cruiser and call it a day.

  • Neal P
    Neal P17 timmar sedan

    Get one of those OBD2 scanners

  • Rat
    Rat17 timmar sedan

    Doug's the type of guy to own a car for 9 months, do 19,500 miles and still call it his 'new' Defender

  • Hector Melo
    Hector Melo17 timmar sedan

    No offense but you can’t review a new car that only has 20k miles… it’s just not broken in enough to make a review and you’re basically using it for trips which means you can’t really say how it is in the city… Also 2 check engine lights and a broken sunroof?? I have a 2011 sonata with 150k and i only had the check engine light on once… just once!! And my sun roof has never stopped working… so i think you kinda got ripped off!! Should have listened to Scotty!!! REV UP YOUR ENGINES!!!!!!

  • Ash Woodward
    Ash Woodward17 timmar sedan

    UK’s most stolen car. I’d give the ST a miss tbh

  • Space JAGA
    Space JAGA17 timmar sedan

    It's called Stockholm syndrome, look it up Doug

  • Don Kremer
    Don Kremer17 timmar sedan

    What's that Zagato Cars in Bits car?

  • Big Willie Lump Lump
    Big Willie Lump Lump17 timmar sedan

    The 3rd gen Maxima was my favorite